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Tuesday: Reaction to our article about a dirty block of Hyde Street, a landmark report on climate change, and a study that says your dog... [Read More]
Just 15-minute walk away are offices of Twitter and Uber, two firms that helped push city's median home price over $1 million. [Read More]
Monday: Negotiating insurance, BART's early earthquake warning system and a Burning Man-esque festival — without the tech crowd. [Read More]
The city's new mayor has made cleaner streets a top priority. Residents say it will take much more than a broom to do it. [Read More]
Struggling to explain construction flaws in two high-profile new buildings, city officials are calling for stricter seismic building regulations. [Read More]
Friday: A busy week for food news, a Salinas soccer team whose players return to Mexico for opportunity, and the enduring L.A. flea market scene. [Read More]
Tuesday: Protecting U.S. taxpayers from the next big one, aiming for 100 percent renewable energy by 2045, and a high school photo delights N.F.L. fans. [Read More]
Staff members at two Santa Rosa nursing homes abandoned their residents, many of them unable to walk and suffering from memory problems, according to a... [Read More]
The Department of Social Services has moved to close two nursing homes accused of leaving behind residents during last year's wildfires. [Read More]
Friday: Cal Fire says it has only $10 million left, Burt Reynolds has died, and scientists find an omnivorous shark. [Read More]
Prosecutors announced Tuesday that 13 murder charges against Joseph James DeAngelo would be combined into a single trial held in Sacramento. [Read More]
The Eastern Villa Apartments are two rows of slate-gray buildings in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Sacramento. On Wednesday morning, residents awoke to... [Read More]
Friday: An F.B.I. raid sows suspicion, Elon Musk opens up to The Times about his "painful" year, and "Crazy Rich Asians" gets its Hollywood moment. [Read More]
Thursday: Tourists and wildlife return, Tesla is subpoenaed, and Portuguese-Americans keep tradition alive in the Central Valley. [Read More]
Friday: Changes in fire behavior and what they mean for us, "Game of Thrones" gets 22 Emmy nods, and Boltman is up for auction on... [Read More]
As agricultural life is celebrated at county fairs nationwide, this year offers a new variable: President Trump's global face-off over tariffs. [Read More]
Friday: A bill in the State Legislature faces an uncertain future, an agreement on net neutrality, and a "margarita-loving bear." [Read More]
A federal judge in California on Thursday denied a request by the Trump administration to suspend California's so-called sanctuary policies that limit cooperation between federal... [Read More]
A federal judge ruled that California was not impeding federal immigration enforcement. "Standing aside does not equate to standing in the way," he said. [Read More]
Friday: Communicating earthquake safety, a leap in online privacy, Norman Pearlstine speaks, and finally, a tribute to The Capital Gazette. [Read More]
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