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The judicial branch has been able to continue paying its workers so far, but that may soon change if the partial government shutdown continues. [Read More]
Federal law prohibits strikes, public servants care about their work and other reasons airports and prisons aren't in chaos, despite a protracted federal shutdown. [Read More]
The Federal Aviation Administration is bringing thousands of furloughed inspectors and other employees back to work as the partial government shutdown drags on, the agency... [Read More]
The Federal Aviation Administration said it was bringing back some furloughed workers in order to ensure the safety of the air travel system. [Read More]
With another judge expected to be confirmed Tuesday by the Senate, President Trump and Senate Republicans are leaving an ever-expanding imprint on the judiciary, nudging... [Read More]
When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo testifies before a Senate panel, lawmakers will have a chance to demand information about President Trump's meeting with President... [Read More]
In North Dakota, Senator Heidi Heitkamp is grappling with a Supreme Court pick, a trade war, a hostile President Trump and a feisty Republican challenger. [Read More]
The collapse of Bounds' nomination came as the Senate is preparing to consider a much higher-profile nominee: Brett M. Kavanaugh, the president's choice to replace... [Read More]
The administration moved to avoid an embarrassing defeat for Ryan W. Bounds for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after Tim Scott, the Senate's only... [Read More]
Senate Democrats, facing an uphill struggle to reject the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, opened a broad attack Tuesday. They... [Read More]
Senate Democrats, facing an uphill struggle to reject the nomination of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, opened a broad attack Tuesday. They... [Read More]
Democrats painted the Supreme Court nominee as an arch-conservative who would endanger abortion rights and health care and protect President Trump. [Read More]
Both Republicans and Democrats face an unsettled situation in the House, where neither party is sure of its leadership and no one knows who will... [Read More]
Former wrestlers at the university say Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio knew of sexual abuse when he was a wrestling coach — and stayed silent. [Read More]
Democrats and liberal advocacy organizations face enormous challenges if they hope to prevent President Trump from installing a conservative justice. [Read More]
After saying last week that lawmakers were "wasting their time," the president urged House Republicans to pass a broad immigration bill that appeared to be... [Read More]
Seventeen states and the District of Columbia sued President Trump to block family separations as the administration struggled to reunite divided families. [Read More]
The House rejected a hard-line immigration bill on Thursday and Republican leaders delayed a vote on a compromise measure that seemed destined to fail, then... [Read More]
The immigration overhaul, a compromise by moderates and conservatives that includes language to end family separation, was set for a vote early Thursday evening. [Read More]
Two Republicans, Richard M. Burr and Susan Collins, broke with their party to oppose the plan, which was intended to broadcast fiscal responsibility. [Read More]