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Trump administration also suggested that lawmakers make spending cuts to offset costs of helping areas hit by wildfires and hurricanes. [Read More]
The Trump administration said lawmakers should make spending cuts to offset the disaster spending, a request that a top Democrat immediately denounced. [Read More]
In a blow to Senate Republicans, an analysis of their plan released Thursday projected the bill would actually raise taxes on low-income Americans within a... [Read More]
Tax overhaul still faces significant obstacles, as Republicans seek to align the legislation that is expected to pass the House with a version from the... [Read More]
United States House of Representatives has passed a wide-ranging rewrite of the tax code that could cut business and individual taxes by $US1.5 trillion. [Read More]
Susan Collins, Bob Corker have voiced their own concerns... [Read More]
Democrats attacked Republicans for proposing a repeal of the health care individual mandate and for imposing a 2025 expiration date for individual tax cuts, while... [Read More]
Uncertainty gripped the Senate on Wednesday over efforts to pass a sweeping $1.5 trillion tax cut after a Wisconsin Republican became the first senator in... [Read More]
Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said he opposed both the House and Senate tax plans as written, posing a new obstacle to Republican leaders eager... [Read More]
Republican senators are mulling whether to repeal the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate when their tax proposal is revised later on Tuesday. [Read More]
President Trump took to Twitter to suggest that Republicans cut taxes even further by repealing the Affordable Care Act's mandate that most people have health... [Read More]
Senate Republicans outlined their vision on Thursday for overhauling the tax code, proposing a one-year delay in President Donald Trump's top priority of cutting the... [Read More]
The Ways and Means Committee was expected to approve the tax bill on Thursday, but party leaders still needed to make adjustments to the legislation. [Read More]
But the measure would keep deductions for mortgage interest, medical expenses... [Read More]
Senate Republicans, eager to prevent large multinational corporations from stashing profits overseas, will propose a new business tax on U.S. and foreign companies as part... [Read More]
The Senate will diverge from the House legislation in several key ways, including eliminating the ability to deduct state and local taxes and scaling back,... [Read More]
The analysis could further complicate efforts by Republican leaders to forge ahead with a bill already under attack from Democrats and business groups. [Read More]
The changes, which came as lawmakers in the House began officially debating the bill, would tighten rules on the earned-income tax credit and seek to... [Read More]
As part of the Republican tax overhaul, President Trump wants to end the requirement that most people have health coverage, a top lawmaker said. [Read More]
Savings for middle class, too, but some deductions would be cut.Reduction for businesses would cost the country $1.5T over next decade. [Read More]