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Microsoft has announced it will extend its data privacy tools to individual users of the company's products and services worldwide. Microsoft's Data Subject Rights include... [Read More]
Apple has launched a privacy portal where users can download all of the information and data the company has that's associated with their Apple ID.... [Read More]
Facebook is launching a new home services feature in its Marketplace section for US users. Marketplace is a separate commerce section on Facebook that allows... [Read More]
The FBI inflated the number of encrypted phones connected to crimes that it did not have access to, according to a report by The Washington... [Read More]
If you need more evidence that we're living in an increasingly (and maybe unnecessarily) connected world, there's a new Kickstarter for smart Tupperware containers that... [Read More]
Mark Zuckerberg's meeting with the European Parliament will now be live-streamed. Criticism from the public, lawmakers, and members of parliament led to the turnaround. [Read More]
The Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury has launched in China. The new phone is a trimmed down version of Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 device specs... [Read More]
HBO and Sky are launching a new documentary series about Adnan Syed. Academy Award nominee Amy Berg is directing. [Read More]