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A new report says that social media companies have evaded or been misleading about claims that Russian efforts on their platforms tried to discourage voting. [Read More]
Johnson & Johnson says its product is safe. But asbestos, a carcinogen that can exist underground near talc, was a concern inside the company for... [Read More]
Palladium, a silvery-white metal used in cars and sometimes jewelry, has topped gold in commodities trading for the last three days. [Read More]
Cody Wilson, a leading proponent of 3-D printed guns, has been arrested in Taiwan after being charged in Texas with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl,... [Read More]
Mr. Wilson was arrested in Taipei and delivered to the National Immigration Agency. Police in Austin, Tex., had asked the U.S. Marshals Lone Star Fugitive... [Read More]
A leading proponent of 3-D printed guns has been arrested in Taiwan after being charged in Texas with sexually assaulting a 16-year old girl there,... [Read More]
'Crypto-anarchist' accused of having sex with 16-year-old girl at a hotel in August and paying her $500 in cash, according to an affidavit filed in... [Read More]
Mr. Wilson is accused of having sex with a girl under the age of seventeen at a hotel in Austin on Aug. 15 and paying... [Read More]
Cody Wilson, whose push to post blueprints of 3D-printed guns online has made him a key figure in the national gun control debate, was charged... [Read More]
Barnes & Noble's board said in a statement that Parneros had been "terminated for sexual harassment, bullying behavior and other violations of company policies." [Read More]
The company recently fired its fourth noninterim CEO amid its financial troubles, but there's no leadership crisis, its chairman vows. [Read More]
Until Tuesday, Barnes & Noble had only said that Demos Parneros was fired violating policies, but a lawsuit filed by Mr. Parneros revealed more details. [Read More]
Cody Wilson said he's sidestepping a ruling that bars him from offering free downloadable plans for printable guns. Instead, he'll sell them on flash drives. [Read More]
A federal judge, in approving a preliminary injunction sought by states, cited the potential harm caused "if the existing restrictions are withdrawn." [Read More]
Walmart's many efforts to bolster its food shopping services — including letting customers order online and pick up in person, expanding its home delivery of... [Read More]
Amid concerns that consumers face too many warnings, a California agency is moving to nullify a judge's ruling that coffee be accompanied with a cancer... [Read More]
Tesla announced Tuesday that its board had created a special committee to review a potential proposal by Elon Musk, the company's chief executive, to take... [Read More]
Three independent members of the board will have "full power and authority" to evaluate any privatization efforts proposed by Elon Musk, the chief executive. [Read More]
In a blog post, Mr. Musk, the electric carmaker's chief executive, offered his fullest explanation yet for what he said were the circumstances behind a... [Read More]
Leonard Riggio radically altered bookselling in the United States when he bought an ailing New York City bookstore and turned it into a national chain... [Read More]