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Arecibo Observatory is Earth's first line of defense against asteroids. It's still recovering from Hurricane Maria. [Read More]
The landmark approval is a culmination of nearly two decades' worth of research. [Read More]
In Florida, a state of emergency has been declared over a blue-green algae and red tide scare that's massacring populations of fish and other wildlife. [Read More]
The planet has no sun but still has auroras similar to those seen in our own Solar System. [Read More]
Florida Representative says his bill would reform the gas tax and plow additional money into infrastructure projects and repair. [Read More]
The small satellites have some seriously funky orbits. [Read More]
Basketball is a game of trajectories, which means there's a formula for the perfect free throw. [Read More]
How has Judge Kavanaugh ruled on pressing science issues, like net neutrality? [Read More]
In hopes of resurrecting the near-extinct white rhino, researchers have created the first-ever in-vitro rhino embryos. [Read More]
Adding a common compound found in rocks around the world could make negative carbon emissions affordable. [Read More]
On Monday, the Food and Drug Administration announced the approval of Epidiolex, a cannabidiol (CBD) solution, to treat seizures in two rare forms of epilepsy. [Read More]
The world lost 39 million acres of tropical forests in 2017. Increased logging, hurricanes, and harmful farming practices are some of the chief perpetrators. [Read More]
Residents living in the shadows of wind turbines say the sound is making them sick. But so far the science isn't there. [Read More]
Federal judge tosses lawsuit, writing that courts aren't the venue to deal with the problem. [Read More]
On June 23, a NASA climate scientist, James Hansen, told a U.S. Senate committee that human-produced greenhouse gases were measurably heating the climate. [Read More]
Researchers from MIT used an algorithm to quickly identify 80 possible exoplanets amid 50,000 stars. [Read More]
A new study published today has, for the first time, identified a nursery for these 20-foot enigmas. [Read More]
Despite years of promising gene therapy research based on CRISPR-Cas9, two new studies have found that inserting genes into cells may sow the seeds for... [Read More]
This week, scientists announced two big findings that could dramatically change how breast cancer is treated. [Read More]
Drones can go where volcanologists can't, giving researchers access to potentially life-saving data. [Read More]