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When it comes to defining what makes Catholicism hipster, a new book argues that being Catholic is hipster in itself. [Read More]
With 'Democracy,' Rice has written a highly accessible book that identifies the essential building blocks of democracy. [Read More]
American horror is a God-drenched genre, and many of the essential films in the genre are explicitly Catholic. [Read More]
Barton Cross, a Navy serviceman, was taken prisoner by the Japanese in 1942. Then his brothers tried to get him back. [Read More]
Rushdie is a writer keen to take on big, messy matters—and few are bigger or messier these days than American life at home and... [Read More]
For nearly 20 years, the United States was severely divided by race, and a generational split not seen since the Civil War. [Read More]
Health care is market-driven, yet the health care market is unlike other markets. [Read More]
In celebrating the centennial of Mitchum's birth, we are really paying homage to a peculiarly American male archetype. [Read More]
While Shepard's plays would absorb different rhythms and influences, their essence and voice were unmistakably his—our—own. [Read More]
'Will' explores the genesis of genius, and Shakespeare's Catholic roots Tim Reidy Fri, 07/07/2017 - 23:45... [Read More]
Augustine gets a makeover in new translation. He hardly needed it. ... [Read More]
In sharp contrast to Rod Dreher, Julian Carrón does not think Christians should disown contemporary society as a new "Dark Age." [Read More]
Largely forgotten today, Ignaz von Döllinger was one of the most widely respected Catholic intellectuals of his day. [Read More]
"Sweat" tells the story of steelworkers whose long friendship unravels as their livelihood is threatened by free trade and immigration. [Read More]
Philanthropy should be regarded as a subdomain of democracy, not an exception to it. [Read More]
The Israeli leader chose a path of peace and negotiation with the Palestinians. [Read More]
Sister Cathy Cesnik went missing one night in 1969. The case remains unsolved. [Read More]
Killing Others provides an erudite yet accessible introduction to the origins and causes of ethnic violence. [Read More]
Our lives, "Twin Peaks" suggested, are far weirder than we generally care to consider, more ridiculous and more frightening... [Read More]
The new adaptation of "Anne of Green Gables" falls prey to the war on whimsy, the tired modern tactic of reworking the classics in order... [Read More]