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Michigan taxpayers are in line for a tax break this new legislative year but there could be a partisan fight over attempts to rollback the... [Read More]
State lawmakers after taking almost a one-month holiday break were back at the Capitol today looking at a new year agenda that includes lots of... [Read More]
Gov. Rick Snyder is on another collision course with some conservative Republicans who again want to roll back the state income tax rate while the... [Read More]
A source tells 6 News it's not a matter of "if" - but "when" [Read More]
There's a disagreement over when to hold an election to fill the vacant House seat once held by the new mayor of Lansing, Andy Schor. [Read More]
It's a question that had never been asked before but Michigan citizens have now been asked to respond to the question: Is President Donald Trumpo... [Read More]
The governor says "I don't want to get into the middle of the governor's race." [Read More]
Petition backers are claiming victory today. [Read More]
Gov. Rick Snyder is adding his opinion to the debate in town concerning the tenure of MSU President Lou Anna Simon. [Read More]
House Republican Speaker Tom Leonard was not backing down today from his call for the MSU president to resign in the wake of the Dr.... [Read More]
Michigan lawmakers will put the finishing touches this week on the proposal to reduce the local government retiree debt without the state mandating any cuts... [Read More]
This is day two of the legislative battle over first responder retiree benefits. [Read More]
The governor and some legislative Republicans have begun the push to pass legislation that they argue will save health care benefits for first responder retirees. [Read More]
Lt. Governor Brian Calley is in his first full week of campaigning for governor and he is telling this reporter that he hates politics. [Read More]
Gov. Rick Snyder, who is not running for re-election, is staging a $100,000 fundraiser at an undisclosed location in Detroit tonight. [Read More]
About 500 retired police officers and firefighters were on the State Capitol steps today worried that Republicans want to reduce or eliminate their long term... [Read More]
He announced he was running in a video on his website... [Read More]
Labor unions that represent firefighters, police officers and other retired local government works are expected to blanket the State Capitol when lawmakers return this week. [Read More]
Technically if the state certifies that all of the names are valid, the issue would first go to the Republican controlled legislature. [Read More]
A resident of East Lansing and a graduate of the MSU School of Law has been appointed by the governor to the Michigan Supreme Court. [Read More]