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NBC News reports with a record number of reporters behind bars around the globe, an avalanche of misinformation on social media and government officials from... [Read More]
"The Guardians." That's what Time magazine is calling the journalists behind 2018's "Person of the Year." [Read More]
The Guardians. [Read More]
A fire early Friday morning marked the fifth alleged arson in Thurston County, Washington, since March, federal authorities said over the weekend. [Read More]
The ouster comes two weeks after McInnes disassociated himself from the Proud Boys. [Read More]
"This is a very tragic event," Police Chief Frank Fowler said. "This is something that cannot occur in our community." [Read More]
Juan David Ortiz, 35, is charged with shooting three women and a man in the head and assaulting a fifth person. [Read More]
The agent confessed to the slayings and an assault after he was arrested early Saturday, Texas authorities said in court papers. [Read More]
In Wilmington, where Florence's initial impact knocked out power and left trees strewn across homes and streets, rising floodwaters are now the safety concern. [Read More]
State police said the fires broke out across a wide swath in the city of Lawrence and the town of North Andover. [Read More]
"We are not going to gamble with the lives of the people of South Carolina," McMaster said. [Read More]
"We are not going to gamble with the lives of the people of South Carolina," Gov. Henry McMaster said. [Read More]
Hurricane Florence would likely remain "an extremely dangerous" storm through Thursday, when it is forecast to approach the southeast coast, the National Hurricane Center said. [Read More]
Steve Bannon, the former adviser to President Donald Trump who was scheduled to headline the New Yorker Festival next month, was disinvited. [Read More]
A pastor who was denounced for the eulogy he delivered at Aretha Franklin's funeral said Sunday that his critics had misunderstood him. [Read More]
"Maybe they didn't understand what I was saying," Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. said. [Read More]
Bono lost his voice in Berlin, prompting U2 to cancel its next concert there. The prognosis for the singer and for the band's European tour... [Read More]
The guns used were bought legally in Maryland, officials said, noting that one of them was equipped with an aftermarket laser sight. [Read More]
Jacksonville County Sheriff Mike Williams said gunman David Katz had relationships with the victims, although it wasn't clear with whom. [Read More]
After a joint special ops team's helicopter came under fire resulting in a member being thrown from the chopper, Air Force sergeant John Chapman attacked... [Read More]