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The race is on to save the Lockridge Medical Clinic Building in Whitefish, Montana, which Wright designed just before his death. You just need $1.7... [Read More]
The mystery of Trump's hair has been solved by his daughter Ivanka, who reportedly joked about his scalp surgery and the epic, spray-assisted struggle to... [Read More]
Hoda Kotb was announced as co-anchor of a new, female-led 'Today.' The best in-house candidate, she also serves a useful feminist purpose for the post-Lauer... [Read More]
'Cruel Intentions' is now an off-Broadway musical. The songs are '90s classics, the tone ironic, the singing and cast brilliant, and the treatment of gay... [Read More]
Celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood, Taraji P. Henson, Rihanna and Lady Gaga brought glamor and style to the red carpets of the 2017 Golden Globes,... [Read More]
Arch-homophobe Judge Roy Moore won't accept he lost the Senate election in Alabama to Doug Jones, so today this sorest of sore losers went after... [Read More]
The best NYC theater of 2017 spanned Bette Midler in 'Hello Dolly,' Jake Gyllenhaal in Sondheim, and Tony Kushner telling The Daily Beast he was... [Read More]
Heather Heyer's mother, Susan Bro, spoke exclusively to The Daily Beast last week. Now Heyer's mentor Alfred Wilson and friends Justin Marks and Courtney Commander... [Read More]
Bewitching pivots help to carry you past the play's thin and mostly wanly eventless plot. [Read More]
In a candid interview, Susan Bro tells Tim Teeman about holding Trump accountable for Heather's death, facing her daughter's alleged killer in court, and keeping... [Read More]
Bermuda may be about to become the first country in the world to re-ban same-sex marriage, replacing it with domestic partnerships. A crucial Senate vote... [Read More]
At a powerful event at New York City's Public Theater, actors and theater makers from Broadway and beyond told stories of sexual abuse and harassment,... [Read More]
NBC and the 'Today' show want to be 'transparent' in reporting the Matt Lauer scandal, but its journalism—besides Megyn Kelly's invitation to Lauer—has so far... [Read More]
Steve Martin's 'Meteor Shower' finds two sets of couples at comic, absurd odds, while awaiting a vivid spectacle from up above. Amy Schumer is at... [Read More]
The creepiest home space in America is the White House's East Colonnade, decorated for Christmas by Melania Trump and her elves with stark white branches... [Read More]
On Monday night, E! airs 'Fashion Police: The Farewell,' but the show really died three years ago with its brilliant and irreplaceable host. [Read More]
The third season of 'EastSiders' sees the LGBT Angeleno characters--guest artist, porn star and Donald Trump supporter Colby Keller--hit the road for a cross-American road... [Read More]
Sarah DeLappe's brilliant play, 'The Wolves,' focuses on a teenage girls' soccer team, which—as well as being determined to win—contains a richly complicated set of... [Read More]
'Downton Abbey: The Exhibition' recreates the sets and fashions of the TV show. Beyond the clothes, fixtures and fittings, it will also remind fans about... [Read More]
John Leguizamo gives a dazzlingly physical performance in 'Latin History for Morons,' mixing comedy, historical analysis, and anger. [Read More]