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John Leguizamo gives a dazzlingly physical performance in 'Latin History for Morons,' mixing comedy, historical analysis, and anger. [Read More]
Gore Vidal and Scotty Bowers were friends for over 60 years. Bowers, the star of a new documentary, fixed Vidal up with 'trade,' as well... [Read More]
In 'The Band's Visit,' an Egyptian band ends up by mistake in a desolate, down-at-heel Israeli town. Their accidental stay is full of charm and... [Read More]
The actor Gardiner Comfort, who has Tourette syndrome, regularly faces people's taunts and ignorance when he 'tics.' He has made his experience into a moving... [Read More]
When Netflix said it would not release 'Gore,' the Gore Vidal biopic, it may have been due not just to the Kevin Spacey scandal but... [Read More]
In Pulitzer-winning Ayad Akhtar's new Broadway play 'Junk,' the shallow, ravenous venality of '80s Wall Street is bought to life—and we've seen it all before. [Read More]
An evening of Scott Silven's stunning illusions are rooted in memories of his childhood, while 'The Fight' evokes a split in the feminist movement. [Read More]
In Richard Nelson's 'Illyria,' the Public Theater pays a self-indulgent, and sometimes inaudible, homage to its founder Joe Papp. [Read More]
Corey Feldman is trying to raise money to make a movie to name the men he says abused him as a child actor. It shouldn't... [Read More]
While Condé Nast has rejected Terry Richardson, along with some fashion brands, Hearst U.S. and 'Rolling Stone' have stayed silent. Do they want to return... [Read More]
Kim Kardashian West posted a picture of her mother Kris Jenner, reclining on a couch sporting fierce, platinum-colored hair. The internet loved the transformation. But... [Read More]
The fashion label Valentino tells The Daily Beast 'there are no plans on a future campaign and of course take these allegations against Terry Richardson... [Read More]
In 'After The Blast,' Zoe Kazan wonders whether a relationship can survive the apocalypse. Answer: with the help of a cute robot called Arthur, perhaps. [Read More]
Neil Kahanovitz fell in love with the circus as a boy, and became a trapeze artist before qualifying as a surgeon. Now he's running away... [Read More]
A new version of Harvey Fierstein's late 1970s play stars Michael Urie as wisecracking drag queen Arnold Beckoff, confronting the meaning of love and a... [Read More]
He is the executive producer of 'Real Time With Bill Maher,' and Scott Carter's play, 'Discord,' featuring three great minds, arose from a near-death experience. [Read More]
As Georgina Chapman, Weinstein's estranged wife, fights to save Marchesa, her fashion label popular with celebrities, questions are being asked about what she knew of... [Read More]
Tippi Hedren says Hitchcock assaulted, harassed, and threatened her while filming 'The Birds' and 'Marnie.' Such men are deficient, she says, and their victims have... [Read More]
Tickets are on sale for $500, and fans greet the appearance of Bruce Springsteen with chants of 'Broooce.' The star himself produces a transfixing evening... [Read More]
'Megyn Kelly Today' may have NBC insiders 'alarmed', but in covering the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the presenter sounds more like her old fierce and opinionated... [Read More]