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On Thursday, Scotland votes on whether to leave the UK. I'm praying they say no, says Timothy Stanley. [Read More]
Hollywood and Washington exist in a constant, contested relationship; Harvey Weinstein's story helps illustrate the craven, shameless duplicity of so many professional culture warriors, writes... [Read More]
Liberals don't get it, but President Trump speaks to a desire of many Americans for honest talk about the nation's problems and for solutions to... [Read More]
By refusing to identify the very particular problem and evil of white racism, Trump divorces himself from reality. Conservatives have to ask themselves why the... [Read More]
Trump may have enjoyed his wild ex-communications director, but he respects -- and needs -- the competence of his new chief of staff more, writes... [Read More]
If he stopped tweeting disgracefully for 5 minutes, the American President would realize that a terror-weary Europe is edging closer to his way of thinking... [Read More]
However heartfelt Meryl Streep's criticisms of Trump over his mocking disability, they nonetheless are a reminder of Hollywood's hypocrisy -- much talk and little action,... [Read More]
Trump is doing that Obama was reluctant to do: he's picking sides, even when his choices are not ideal, and amid the added urgency, after... [Read More]
The death of Roger Ailes, the hugely influential -- and then disgraced -- media giant, marks the end of an era of which Donald Trump... [Read More]
Despite the optics and implications of firing Comey, Trump proceeded on it the way he approaches any problem: intensify it, personalize it, try to... [Read More]
The audience at the correspondents dinner believes its profession has been sharpened by Trump. But they've gone from being journalists reporting on a war to... [Read More]
Two parties, two different Americas. On Saturday night, the press gathered for the annual White House correspondents' dinner in Washington where, traditionally, they would roast... [Read More]
Conservatives say they hate big government, but watch how they cut programs to save money while bankrolling the golfing self indulgence of the President. [Read More]
After the stunning rebuke of the election, when she failed to beat Donald Trump, she should quit the stage for awhile, avoid the speaker circuit... [Read More]
A country as old and civilized as ours, with police who are crack professionals and a citizenry that springs to aid, won't be cowed by... [Read More]
Obamacare combined the worst of all approaches to health care, says Tim Stanley, and Trump's made a similar mistake by promising to deliver on contradictory... [Read More]
Anti-war conservatives and liberals must work to ensure that Fortress USA does not become the launchpad for a new generation of conflicts, Timothy Stanley says. [Read More]
He maintains a striking consistency between who he was as a candidate and is as the President, says Tim Stanley, and has cannily stoked hostility... [Read More]
President-elect Trump's first press conference was strange, abusive, occasionally misleading, says Tim Stanley. But many Americans, distrustful of journalists, will think that's just fine. [Read More]
How did President-elect Donald Trump's first press conference go? He nailed it. It was strange, abusive, occasionally misleading. But he nailed it. [Read More]