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A 2-year-old boy is clinging to life after falling out of his bedroom window in The Bronx, police said Thursday. The toddler was in his... [Read More]
A crazed homeless man stabbed a stranger several times on the Upper West Side, police said Sunday. The 30-year-old was near Riverside Drive and West... [Read More]
Things weren't very hakuna matata at Broadway's iconic "The Lion King" on Friday afternoon when cops stormed the theater to arrest a props worker for... [Read More]
NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill has "no doubt" that a Kennedy family charity's plan to spring some 300 potentially violent women and teens from city jails... [Read More]
A Brooklyn cop got a shock to the crotch when a fellow officer fumbled a Taser and accidentally fired it straight towards his groin, police... [Read More]
A Manhattan man was attacked by two would-be thieves while jogging through Central Park, police said. The victim, 30, had just finished running in the... [Read More]
NYPD cops fatally shot a woman with a knife inside a Queens home Monday evening, according to law-enforcement sources. The shooting happened on 69th Street... [Read More]
NYPD cops fatally shot a suspected burglar inside a Queens home Monday evening, according to law-enforcement sources. [Read More]
An inmate tried to rape a female NYPD officer inside a Brooklyn courthouse on Friday — but the terrifying attack was thwarted by another defendant,... [Read More]
NYPD cops busted in a sprawling prostitution racket romped with hookers while on duty, the head of the department's Internal Affairs Bureau said Thursday. IAB... [Read More]
Two thieves barged into an East Harlem man's apartment where they tied him up and robbed him at gunpoint, police said on Thursday. The 26-year-old... [Read More]
He definitely doesn't have a reason to smile now. This is the retired NYPD vice detective who was the alleged ringleader of a sleazy prostitution... [Read More]
Seven members of the NYPD, including at least one detective and one sergeant, were arrested Wednesday as part of a sweeping Internal Affairs probe into... [Read More]
The Bronx ex-con who disemboweled his wife, then called his parole officer and the father of his victim's daughter to tell them, was able to... [Read More]
A Bronx ex-con disemboweled his wife Monday, then calmly called his parole officer to report the murder — and his dead victim's baby daddy to... [Read More]
An NYPD cop stole from a Long Island grocery store — and also had a needle containing heroin residue on her, police said Monday. Suffolk... [Read More]
A Bronx ex-con called his parole office and confessed to fatally stabbing his wife in the stomach, then fled, police sources said Monday. Someone called... [Read More]
A Florida man was robbed of thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry and designer goods after parking his car on a Queens street this weekend,... [Read More]
A 6th grade teacher is accused of groping another educator at a public school in Brooklyn, according to police. Ilie Vilotta, of Ditmas Junior High... [Read More]
One teen stabbed another with a hair pick, an enraged mom pulled a knife on a school safety agent, and 12 weapons were seized at... [Read More]