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Penn State coach James Franklin doesn't like stopping to rehash the past. He is too busy pushing forward, an attitude that has helped rebuild the... [Read More]
The resurgence of Big Ten football in recent years can be traced to strong coaching hires at premier programs.Ohio State's Urban Meyer, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh,... [Read More]
Another wave of criticism has hit the NCAA's beach of hypocrisy.At some point, the tide is going to turn in favor of the athletes, uh,... [Read More]
Everyone in sports is fretting about the length of games, tweaking this and trying that in order to shave a few minutes to better fit... [Read More]
By this point in the long, slog of the baseball season, fans have come to a clear understanding of the overall state of their favorite... [Read More]
CHICAGO — In search of a proper metaphor for TV revenue's control over college football, consider the fact that Ohio State will begin its season with... [Read More]
CHICAGO — If you want to still say the Big Ten has no speed, that's fine, but consider that all 14 of the conference's members are... [Read More]
The marketing design of the Big Ten football media days is about the future, a chance for the league's coaches and players to talk about... [Read More]
CHICAGO — The overall takeaway from Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany's public address at the 46th Big Ten football media days is that the rich have... [Read More]
Put on your jersey, paint your face, and get the tailgate grill ready.Football, the heartbeat of Ohio sports, beckons.OK, it's not quite yet time for... [Read More]
O.J. Simpson's parole hearing is today. Go ahead and profess no interest. Shield your eyes, turn your head, and stick cotton balls in your... [Read More]
A dream woke me up in the middle of last night.In the nightmare, I was in a stadium press box, covering a championship football game.... [Read More]
Scoonie Penn was a pint-sized dynamo who saw basketball like a coach, comprehending on the court how puzzle pieces fit in real-time game action during... [Read More]
When I grew up in the Cincinnati area, my childhood in the 1970s featured very few soccer experiences.If mentioned at all back then in my... [Read More]
You don't have to believe in global warming to understand that there is a thaw in the resistance to legalized sports gambling.Right now, state-sponsored betting... [Read More]
Give me sandals, a tie-dyed shirt, a pound of granola, and get out of the way, please, no harm intended, all peace and love.I'm joining the... [Read More]
Let the fashion show begin.The new world conquerors of hoops will stroll across a stage in flashy suits tonight and accept a handshake from NBA... [Read More]
Today's temperature in ring-a-ding-ding Las Vegas is expected to only reach 116 degrees.We say "only" because that would be a cooldown compared to the record-tying... [Read More]
We live in a disposable world, constantly clicking, tweeting, and posting, and the pace left little time Monday to pause and reflect about Thad Matta's... [Read More]