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Members of both boards are elected to be the watchdogs of the school districts, but recently, they won't answer media questions about controversial subjects. [Read More]
If you're a fan of Giordano's Pizzeria, the news is a tasty dream come true. [Read More]
A West Des Moines Walmart is turning to new technology to make online holiday shopping easier. [Read More]
West Des Moines will fund the project with a 1-cent local option sales tax. [Read More]
Before today, customers had to pay $10 to have their credit reports frozen. Now freezing your credit report is free. [Read More]
An excavator is digging the first hole in what will be a massive $434 million airport renovation. [Read More]
Moser said homeless people don't commit crimes because they have no place to live. Usually, it's due to mental illness and other issues. [Read More]
The murder of ISU student Celia Barquin Arozamena brings campus safety into focus. [Read More]
The old VA hospital has sat empty in Knoxville for 10 years. [Read More]
Questions about gas line safety have erupted after a series of deadly explosions in three communities just north of Boston. [Read More]
It's been nearly two months since a tornado ripped through Marshalltown, and businesses are finally getting back up and running. [Read More]
Heavy rains flooded the Fourmile Creek area this summer. [Read More]
Todd Magel takes you on a tour of one of the most unique estates in the metro. The 14,000-square-foot castle offers views of Saylorville Lake. [Read More]
A new, $21 million apartment complex boasts a stunning view of downtown Des Moines. The Vue Apartments, located at 9th and Crocker streets, transforms a... [Read More]
even before the doors opened. [Read More]
A dying wish recently came true for an 11-year-old Oskaloosa boy who has terminal leukemia. [Read More]
A dying wish recently came true for an 11-year-old Oskaloosa boy who has terminal leukemia. [Read More]
Construction on a new flyover bridge at I-35/80 and Highway 141 will begin in September instead of in 2019. The Iowa Department of Transportation will... [Read More]
The state is spending more than $4.5 million to make sure your vote counts this November. [Read More]
A new twist: Yarrabee Farms is walking back their statement, saying it did NOT use E-Verify on Cristhian Rivera, the man accused of murdering Mollie... [Read More]