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"It's a visually based life, that often is overlooked by the general public," says Shoshannah Stern, co-creator of This Close. [Read More]
"[C.S.] Lewis was a great world builder, but he was incredibly sloppy by modern standards. Narnia was not up to code." Few fantasy series of... [Read More]
If you think you're going to like this movie, you're going to LOVE this movie. [Read More]
The show finally reveals how Jack died and offers a new twist, but where does it go from here? [Read More]
Complete with a piano cover of Kanye West's "Runaway." It's been just over a year since HBO's sci-fi tale Westworld aired its season one finale,... [Read More]
This is the best first season of a Netflix drama since The Crown debuted in 2016. [Read More]
The TV romcom is a tricky thing to pull off. Since the romantic comedy is ultimately all about consummation — the moment when the central... [Read More]
Netflix has made a habit of picking up shows that seem custom-designed to make viewers say, "How could that possibly work?" and then figuring out... [Read More]
Thirty years ago, our universe split in two. Both halves were identical in every way, but from that point on, they have diverged greatly, with... [Read More]
If you have a corporate job you hate, consider giving Comedy Central's Corporate a long leash. It's often incredibly funny, possessed of the kind of... [Read More]
The Chi is sometimes so big that it threatens to implode. It mixes so many different characters and storylines that it can be easy to... [Read More]
Blue Planet II (somewhat confusingly dubbed Planet Earth: Blue Planet II in the United States) is the kind of beautiful, engaging television that viewers have... [Read More]
Black Lightning, the latest series based on a DC Comics superhero to land on The CW, seems like a tricky proposition. It wants to be... [Read More]
and very different from the series that preceded it. "In its messy and obliterating swirl, The Assassination ... [Read More]
"I have people that are not Latino arguing with me about what we're like," says the star of the terrific Netflix sitcom. Justina Machado has... [Read More]
Your guide to January's glut of new TV dramas. January has become such a pivotal month in the TV landscape that keeping up with the... [Read More]
The Oscar nominee (for Dunkirk) joined his collaborators to talk the score for Blue Planet II. [Read More]
the brilliant Em... [Read More]
The show balanced improvisation and careful planning thanks to its overarching structure. [Read More]
(Okay, not all of them are fish. But they all live in the sea! Or at least near it.) [Read More]