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"It was learning how to respect each other as co-workers, which is a different thing than as spouses." The Big Sick, one of the best... [Read More]
A visit from the Ghosts of One, Three, and Five Stars in this cinematic retelling of A Christmas Carol's origins. The Man Who Invented Christmas... [Read More]
But I'm still not sure what. Every Sunday, we pick a new episode of the week. It could be good. It could be bad. It... [Read More]
both of which overflow with themed cinematic treats... [Read More]
The way the film and TV industries are structured makes them a breeding ground for abuse. The New York Times published its exposé on Harvey... [Read More]
Don't let the comedy's Louis C.K. connection distract from Pamela Adlon's remarkable achievement. In a terrific year for television, the second season of FX's Better... [Read More]
Samin Nosrat, author of the cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, will make your menu sparkle. [Read More]
It's one of the best TV episodes of the year. [Read More]
The comedian responds to New York Times allegations, says he will "step back" from his career Louis C.K. has released a statement responding to allegations... [Read More]
Composer W. G. "Snuffy" Walden: "Bartlet was the one guy that I could always play that theme for." W. G. "Snuffy" Walden is one of... [Read More]
Finally, a series about labor disputes set in Great Depression-era rural Iowa! Damnation, a new USA pseudo-Western debuting tonight, is about dark men doing dark... [Read More]
The six-part series ably realizes one of the author's least adaptable novels. [Read More]
once viewers on DVR and streaming services like Hulu are taken into account... [Read More]
Why more shows should just end with a heartfelt explanation of the subtext. Of all of the ways Stranger Things apes the '80s popcorn movies... [Read More]
Filmmaker Glenn Gordon Caron: "He said, 'You know, they don't pay you for these things.' And I said, 'Really?'" Glenn Gordon Caron's career has taken... [Read More]
These stories, taken from the files of the Charley Project, are chilling reading. The most terrifying stories out there are often true. And the... [Read More]
a movie unlike any other. We've heard versions of this story that range from the abusive, like angrily berating actors until they break down, to... [Read More]
It isn't a bust. But it's also no longer an out-of-nowhere surprise. At once better and worse than its first season, Stranger Things 2 is... [Read More]
The comedian's latest book is about addiction. He wonders if America's addicted to firearms. [Read More]
Congratulations, everybody huffily saying, "I always knew The Walking Dead was bad!" on Twitter. You were right! [Read More]