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Google announced this week that it won't sell its facial recognition technology before a thorough consideration of the impact it might have on society. [Read More]
Harvard University is buying up vineyards in California's wine country, reportedly to gain access to the water rights allotted to those properties. [Read More]
Temple University announced this week that it will not punish Professor Marc Lamont Hill for his recent incendiary comments on Israel. [Read More]
An orientation packet handed out to freshmen at Cornell University this year separates "privileged" from "oppressed" students. [Read More]
The University of North Carolina, Charlotte, has wiped a "white consciousness" workshop for white students from its website after backlash from both sides of the... [Read More]
The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) criticized University of Michigan professor John Cheney-Lippold for refusing to write a recommendation letter for a student hoping... [Read More]
A new workshop at the University of North Carolina Charlotte aims to help white students achieve "white consciousness." [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Session announced this week that the Department of Justice is investigating the suppression of free speech on campus. [Read More]
Freshmen at Columbia University were forced to attend a three-hour workshop on identity politics as part of their orientation this fall. [Read More]
Saint Louis University has turned heads this week in the aftermath of major layoffs by announcing that it had purchased thousand of Amazon Echo devices... [Read More]
A New Jersey middle school teacher encouraged students to be sympathetic with "Osama" during a lesson on September 11. [Read More]
The Department of Education is investigating Tulane University over a series of scholarships that are only offered to women. [Read More]
The Trump administration is investigating a 2011 case of alleged anti-semitism at Rutgers University. [Read More]
A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research revealed that the hiring of diversity officers at universities does not increase faculty diversity. [Read More]
A column by Liam Denning in Bloomberg News argues that Tesla CEO Elon Musk's antics towards employees and investors are growing worrisome. [Read More]
Author Heather Mac Donald argued that colleges are "hatred-machines" in a Fox News interview this week. [Read More]
A law school professor at Case Western University stepped in this semester to help his students with the exorbitant cost of their textbooks. [Read More]
An event at the University of Melbourne last week featured a guest speaker who came to cast a "spell to bind all male conference panels." [Read More]
A new report from Bloomberg News revealed a deal between Google and Mastercard that allowed the Silicon Valley giant to track certain retail purchases. [Read More]
The public Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, is under fire this week after issuing a speech restriction to a returning music professor. [Read More]