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Andrew Schneck, 25, is accused of plotting to blow up a Confederate statute in Houston. He was recently let off probation early in connection to... [Read More]
President Donald Trump had a combative press conference on Charlottesville with reporters at Trump Tower after making a statement on infrastructure. Watch the full video... [Read More]
Laura Lynn Cross, 36, a former teacher at Buchtel High School in Ohio, is accused of adopting, grooming and then getting pregant and having a... [Read More]
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reviewed plans for a missile strike near Guam while touring a military facility, according to a new statement from... [Read More]
A driver was arrested after a car rammed into a pizzeria in Sept-Sorts, Seine-et-Marne, France. An 8-year-old girl was killed and at least 5 other... [Read More]
North Korea has released a new statement vowing to "mercilessly wipe out the provocateurs" and hand the U.S. a "shameful defeat" in response to President... [Read More]
Jeffrey Lord fired by CNN after tweeting "Sieg Heil" at Angelo Carusone, president of the liberal group Media Matters for America. Lord was hired as... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Thursday that North Korea that his "fire and fury" warning to North Korea may not have been "tough enough" and told... [Read More]
James Allen, 77, is accused of raping his own stepgranddaughter in Ohio. Police say the victim posted videos of the sexual assault on Snapchat, leading... [Read More]
President Trump tweeted about removing then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe just hours after the FBI raided the home of Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman. [Read More]
President Donald Trump said if North Korea continues threatening the United States "they will be met with fire and fury and frankly power" like the... [Read More]
James Damore has been fired from his job as an engineer at Google after he wrote an internal memo critical of the company's diversity policies... [Read More]
Officer Gary Michael, 37, was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Clinton, Missouri. Police are searching for a suspect, Ian McCarthy. [Read More]
Ian McCarthy, 39, is a suspect in the shooting death of Officer Gary Michael in Clinton, Missouri. Michael was killed during a traffic stop. [Read More]
Martin Shkreli, nicknamed the "Pharma Bro," has been found guilty by a jury in his federal fraud trial. [Read More]
Specialist Chris Harris, of North Carolina, was killed in action in Afghanistan on August 2. His wife, Britt Harris, said they recently learned she is... [Read More]
Sergeant Jonathon Hunter, of Columbus, Indiana, has been identified as one of two soldiers killed in Afghanistan on August 2, 2017, along with Specialist Christopher... [Read More]
HR McMaster, the White House National Security Advisor, is being targeted by Mike Cernovich and the alt-right, who say he is undermining Trump and has... [Read More]
Amanda LaRoque, a Raleigh, North Carolina, woman held on drug charges in Honduras in what she says is a misunderstanding, spoke to supporters from jail. [Read More]
A British Twitter user who goes by the name @Sinon Reborn and calls himself the Email Prankster, has tricked several White House officials, including Anthony... [Read More]