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AI will power many consumer technologies, providing services and support for many human activities, from outer space to autonomous driving. New memory technologies will... [Read More]
Service Providers are expected to maintain healthy growth (expanding 3x) by 2021, as they scale their operations via IT exchange points. Intercompany communication is poised... [Read More]
Data centers are significant users of energy. Creating standardized hardware making it easy to update technology in reused enclosures , free air cooling and... [Read More]
Although HDDs are being displaced by flash memory in many consumer and client applications, HDD use is growing in enterprise and specialty applications, including hyperscale... [Read More]
Virtualization and abstraction for data centers (whether private, hybrid and public cloud) depends upon storage and memory products, as shown by the number of storage... [Read More]
VMware's VM World conference featured a number of new announcements increasing multi-cloud and composable infrastructure as well as management automation using machine learning that will... [Read More]
Professional media and entertainment storage capacity represents about 4.5% of total shipped storage capacity in 2017. Professional media and entertainment uses about 13% of... [Read More]
Amber Huffman is a valued contributor to the storage and memory industry. Her work represents what a dedicated woman can accomplish in technology. ... [Read More]
Flash memory and related software products are making higher performance storage available for more applications. A big driver is storage for hyperscale customers but... [Read More]
New hard disk drives will require significant advances that may include HAMR, MAMR, thinner glass substrates disks and even evacuated HDDs, while high performance non-volatile... [Read More]
Big developments at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit were introductions of 3D NAND flash with QLC densities and Intel's push for their Optane 3D XPoint... [Read More]
Software composable infrastructure looks like it will enable the next level of abstraction and orchestration for private and public cloud data centers and create the... [Read More]
The FlashSystem 9100 fills out IBM's flash storage offering. NVMe products are increasing in availability for use in data center primary storage, currently as... [Read More]
Digital storage in media and entertainment continues to demand some of the highest capabilities in digital storage technologies. Companies such as Quantum and Google... [Read More]
New enterprise storage products enable modern data centers to process data fast, using on-premises, public or hybrid clouds with these WD, DDN, Hitachi Vantara and... [Read More]
Faster switches, faster storage devices, improved search and data analytics enable software defined improved access and management of data across all storage tiers and locations. [Read More]
Flash memory applications are being added by new controllers, faster interfaces and new form factors. At the same time that 3D NAND flash moves... [Read More]
Technology is enabling the disaggregation of design, creating a new market for semiconductor hardware IP and disassembling classical mass manufacturing. Maybe Captain Ludd is... [Read More]
The Optane DDR memory are available this year but many of the new capabilities are tied to new upcoming CPUs from Intel that will be... [Read More]
The 2018 survey results show the growing importance of cloud storage in various aspects of professional media and entertainment. It also shows the growing use... [Read More]