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The Dallas sheriff has launched her run for governor and her potential appeal to women and Latinos plus her record on law and order could... [Read More]
The Dallas sheriff has launched her run for governor and her potential appeal to women and Latinos plus her record on law and order could... [Read More]
Wastewater injection, a byproduct of fracking, is the likely culprit behind a surge of earthquakes in northern Texas — and residents want accountability... [Read More]
America's fourth largest city is built on an ancient river network that flooded catastrophically after Hurricane Harvey. With 400,000 homes in the watershed, achieving resilience... [Read More]
After casting doubt on climate change for decades, skeptic consultants have turned their attention to air pollution... [Read More]
Photographer David Taylor documented 276 monuments erected to mark the border in 1848, in an attempt to show how they've affected American mentality... [Read More]
When Rogelio Martinez and a colleague were found with head injuries by the roadside politicians rushed to say it underlined the need for border security... [Read More]
Teenage midfielder Weston McKennie scored on his senior debut to help the United States to a 1-1 draw against Portugal in a friendly... [Read More]
A seven-minute video clip described by law enforcement reportedly shows gunman shooting victims in the head, including small children... [Read More]
Devin Kelley was picked up by police in 2012 after escaping hospital in Santa Teresa, just across the state line from El Paso... [Read More]
Governor Greg Abbott says: ' I don't think this was just a random act of violence' as police say suspect died of self-inflicted gunshot wound... [Read More]
Community has been left reeling after massacre at First Baptist Church in Texas in which at least 26 worshippers died... [Read More]
The undocumented girl, brought to Texas from Mexico as a baby, spent nine days in custody after border patrol officers followed her to a children's... [Read More]
Wednesday's Game 7 between the Astros and Dodgers has the potential to exceed even 2016's beguiling combination of rich storylines and see-saw scoring... [Read More]
Rosa Maria Hernandez, who has cerebral palsy, has been in Border Patrol custody in Texas following stop at checkpoint en route to hospital... [Read More]
An evening of big blasts, bad pitching and momentum shifts ended with the Houston Astros one victory away from their first World Series title... [Read More]
After brilliant performances from both starting pitchers, a ninth-inning meltdown by the Houston Astros bullpen allowed the Los Angeles Dodgers to claim a 6-2 win... [Read More]
Yu Darvish had an evening to forget as the Houston Astros took a 2-1 advantage in the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers... [Read More]
The Houston Astros' battle with the Los Angeles Dodgers offers a brief respite for a city grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, two months... [Read More]
In 1992, Congress ordered release of final 1% of federally held records within 25 years... [Read More]