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Heeding President Trump's call to "get tough," congressional Republicans filed legislation Thursday that sets lengthy prison terms for fentanyl dealers, saying criminals must think twice... [Read More]
Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb urged Congress on Wednesday to let his agency destroy unlabeled drugs found in the mail, saying officials are... [Read More]
Moderate Republicans accused Democrats Wednesday of using an abortion fight to tank Congress' last chance to stabilize Obamacare, saying they'd rather use soaring premiums as... [Read More]
The Trump administration said Tuesday it is developing long-lasting medications that wean people off opioids — while slashing the odds of relapse — and overdose-reversing... [Read More]
Tired of "talking and doing nothing," President Trump said Monday the U.S. should adopt a zero-tolerance approach to opioids that includes execution of some drug... [Read More]
President Trump on Monday plans to direct the Justice Department to seek the death penalty for opioid traffickers in certain cases and urge Congress to... [Read More]