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As Tesla unveils its electric, semi-autonomous semi-truck, the future of the trucking industry could be platoons of trucks. [Read More]
Electronic Arts is temporarily turning off all in-game purchases. [Read More]
Electronic Arts said it's temporarily turning off in-game purchases in Star Wars Battlefront II following complaints from gamers. [Read More]
Facebook announced the launch of a new Facebook Creator app and website with exclusive tools for creating and promoting streaming videos. [Read More]
Facebook introduced a new app and website with tools for video creators. [Read More]
There's a hack to add a virtual "home" button. [Read More]
Apple's new iPhone X does not come with a physical "home" button, but users can still add a virtual button that functions similarly. [Read More]
It's the highest-grossing movie ever in this country. [Read More]
'Titanic' is returning to select AMC Theatres for one week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie's 1997 release. [Read More]
Finding projects with "profit and purpose is sort of our sweet spot." [Read More]
Facebook has tried cracking down on misleading and fake news since last year's election. [Read More]
Facebook says it's cracking down on fake news, but the company's fact-checking partners are questioning the effectiveness of their work. [Read More]
Amazon looks for its own fantasy epic with a global fanbase. [Read More]
Amazon looks for its own 'Game of Thrones' by adapting 'The Lord of the Rings' as a streaming TV series based on J.R.R. Tolkien's books. [Read More]
GQ magazine named quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick as its "Citizen of the Year" as part of its annual "Men of the Year" issue. [Read More]
The actress accused Ratner of sexual harassment and called working with Allen 'an awful mistake.'... [Read More]
Actress Ellen Page accused producer Brett Ratner of sexual harassment and expressed regret over working with director Woody Allen. [Read More]
"These stories are true." [Read More]
"These stories are true," Louis C.K. confirms sexual misconduct claims. And, The Orchard studio drops plans to release "I Love You, Daddy." [Read More]
Two BBC shows starring Ed Westwick, including an Agatha Christie special, are on hold after recent rape allegations against the actor. [Read More]