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Jaime Marcos could see the church, even though it was nearly 200 miles away. As he strolled past Booth Library, turning his head toward a... [Read More]
Opinion: Tom O'Connor thinks a new, inclusive New Zealand is just around the corner. We just have to wait out the racists. [Read More]
Any edge the Panthers gained over Southern Illinois Edwardsville in the Ohio Valley Conference tournament, when the Panthers pummeled the Cougars 3-1 in the first... [Read More]
Through three games, the results varied. The two teams, Eastern and Southern Illinois Edwardsville, were the only variables to remain consistent, as neither team could... [Read More]
Omaha: Any sense that the Eastern volleyball team's scoring woes on Friday, losing 3-0 to both Bradley and Milwaukee, would be a recurring question on... [Read More]
Opinion: Teaching our history to all would at least raise the quality of debate, Tom O'Connor writes. [Read More]
Last September, redshirt junior libero Anne Hughes opened the month with a defensive player of the week award, breaking from all other Ohio Valley Conference... [Read More]
Much can change in one offseason, but some things, like Austin Peay's presence in the top layer of the Ohio Valley Conference hierarchy, do not. ... [Read More]
Win or lose, the Panthers' veteran leadership, namely junior Laurel Bailey and senior Abby Knight, shored up the team's odds at victory when it came... [Read More]
The contours of any one person's highs and lows do not adhere to an easy to follow course of development, nor will they ever be... [Read More]
Six of the eight teams that reached the playoffs last November, including Austin Peay at 14-2, won more than half of their conference games. These... [Read More]
Failing to win a set at the tournament, the Eastern volleyball team dipped to fourth place in the standings, as the Panthers lost 0-3 to... [Read More]
The Eastern volleyball team will contend against Illinois State, Butler and Auburn in the Butler Bulldogs Tournament this weekend, touching off an eight-game road trip. ... [Read More]
Approaching the action from the front row, redshirt freshman Kylie Michael leaned in toward the net, feet positioned parallel with Iona setter Emma Rose, who... [Read More]
The Eastern volleyball team finished out the Panther Invitational in third place, with a 2-2 record this past weekend, ousting Iona (3-1) and St. Francis... [Read More]
OPINION: I grew up near the remote beach where three surfers were shot at. I'm angry. [Read More]
High school, which lasts from the year 4 B.C.E. (before the college era) to the year 1 B.C.E., can be a pretty polarizing topic. Each... [Read More]
The Eastern volleyball season will commence this Saturday and Sunday at Lantz Arena, hosting St. Francis, Fresno State, Valparaiso and Iona, as part of the... [Read More]
Before taking on the head coaching position at Eastern last January, Julie Allen, a coach with over a decade experience, shepherded Wichita State to a... [Read More]
OPINION: Both sides of the House of Representatives may have missed a rare opportunity to put party politics aside and work together in the interests... [Read More]