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Two Republican senators, including one from Western New York, are feverishly vying for a Senate leadership job with zero power in Albany over policy ma…... [Read More]
Prominent Buffalonians ask for leniency for Louis P. Ciminelli, who was convicted in a bid-rigging case involving the RiverBend project. The letters also reveal…... [Read More]
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A look at how redistricting helped the Republicans hold on to power in the state Senate for so long. [Read More]
State campaign and election laws favor Democratic incumbents and present their challengers with a simple, daunting obstacle: the state's Democratic Party's mach…... [Read More]
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo turned back a political assault from his political left Thursday, comfortably defeating activist Cynthia Nixon in a campaign centered large…... [Read More]
Defense lawyers in the Buffalo Billion corruption case on Thursday laid the groundwork to delay the sentencing of their clients, including a former top…... [Read More]
A lingering effect of the 2001 terrorist attacks – and a Jewish holiday this year – explain why primary voters will be heading to the... [Read More]
A day after his endorsement by Sen. Bernie Sanders, lieutenant governor candidate Jumaane Williams on Tuesday stood outside a low-income apartment buil…... [Read More]
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who has curtailed his trips to Buffalo over the past year, will be in Buffalo this evening for a get-out-the-vote rally... [Read More]
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has run into some serious bumps in the closing days of his campaign, including a controversial mailer from the Democratic Party... [Read More]
"He didn't just move to the left; he dove to the left once she got in, one Democratic Party insider said of the governors reaction... [Read More]
In a final pitch to Buffalo-area Democrats, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is spending at least $100,000 from his campaign account in the first and only... [Read More]
In the final weeks of his Democratic Party primary race against challenger Cynthia Nixon, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is spending donors' money at a dizzying... [Read More]
Sen. Timothy Kennedy breaks a sweat working his Senate 63rd district handing out state grants, marching in parades and fielding constituent complaints …... [Read More]
Cuomo has tapped into the power of his incumbency to align the mission of parts of the government with his re-election desires. [Read More]
Few New Yorkers will accuse the state tax department of acting in lightning fast ways when it comes to sending out income tax refunds or... [Read More]
In his first one-on-one debate in 12 years, Gov. Cuomo will debate Cynthia Nixon Wednesday on Long Island. [Read More]
New York taxpayers just footed the tab for a well-timed postcard sent by the Cuomo administration that praises Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo with a niche... [Read More]
State Sen. Michael Ranzenhofer could lose as much as $150,000 a year in outside income if he is elected to Congress due to a House... [Read More]