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In a 2002 speech at the MIT Sloan School of Management, former UN head and MIT alumnus Kofi Annan spoke about trust, responsibility, and big... [Read More]
Matty Pariseau became deeply entangled in the drug addiction crisis that has swept the region and his overdose death devastated his Brockton family, but now... [Read More]
Officers conducted training with Simunition, a type of non-lethal training ammunition, in the new Abington Middle-High School over spring break. It's the first time such... [Read More]
Police stopped 126 violators in a matter of three hours on Tuesday, bringing the week's total to 222 violations issued. [Read More]
Some have opted to ban such activity outright, while others have embraced it or have indicated that they're open to the idea. Others are still... [Read More]
Former medical records department employee Susan G. Woodward's family and her former colleagues will walk in her memory in the 19th annual Champions Fighting Cancer... [Read More]
Do you have a fond memory or photo of the hospital and would like to share it with our readers? [Read More]
Davis science teacher Jake O'Neill last month offered up part of his own life to save that of another: he gave an old friend's 20-year-old... [Read More]
The spokesman said the account set up by accused murderer Latarsha Sanders received only a single $25 donation, and that was refunded to the person... [Read More]
Assistant District Attorney Jessica Kenney told Superior Court Judge Brian Davis during the arraignment of Latarsha L. Sanders, the Brockton mother charged with two counts... [Read More]
The court ruled on Friday that DNA evidence linking Jeffrey Anitus, 27, to a July 2013 armed robbery at a Burger King restaurant in Easton... [Read More]
Paul Jean, the university's vice president for marketing and communications, said BSU would not be able to provide any information on such complaints, because it... [Read More]
Carpenter, the Planning Department and City Solicitor Philip Nessralla, in late March told the City Council Finance Committee that the zoning ordinance plans would be... [Read More]
Sometimes, if it feels like somebody's watching you, it might actually be the case - especially if you're sending out tweets near any of city's... [Read More]
The Brockton Public Schools have been using the services of Social Sentinel, a Vermont-based company that makes social media monitoring software for schools, to cast... [Read More]