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Seed has the kind of ambition that makes me sit up and take notice: it's  an MMO that aims to combine elements of colony sims... [Read More]
Getty Sometimes, social-media fairytales do happen, and this would be a marriage made in Instagram heaven. Selena Gomez—the world's most followed individual on Instagram,... [Read More]
Not content with explaining how you'll build your own vibrant medical centres in promising hospital sim Two Point Hospital, developer Two Point Studios took to... [Read More]
In a match between Julian Gollop and a load of crab men, I like to think that the X-COM designer would at least put up... [Read More]
Biomutant is the open world RPG to watch this year: a mutant and mech-focused game with a gorgeous post-apocalyptic landscape to explore, and not a... [Read More]
Announced at the PC Gamer Weekender a couple of days ago, Mavericks: Proving Grounds is a massively ambitious 1000-player MMO that will also find the... [Read More]
A few years ago, we published an article asking developers to stop making horrible PC ports. It's a guide that should have been inscribed on... [Read More]
Henry Browne/Getty Images Whenever I meet royal fans (or indeed haters) who want to talk about Prince Harry, they nearly always ask, "So, who is... [Read More]
Jeffrey Tambor has issued a stinging attack on Amazon after he was fired Thursday from his starring role as Maura Pfefferman in the hit transgender-themed... [Read More]