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The bullied kid whose video went viral this weekend has been deluged with support from celebrities including Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. [Read More]
Prince Harry is engaged to a woman who has spoken out about animal cruelty and owns two rescue dogs. So why is he killing animals... [Read More]
Jacquie McKenzie has leapt to Russell Crowe's defense over the 'violent and explicit' sex scenes they filmed. It's an important discussion for the post-Weinstein world. [Read More]
The best part of an immersive sim isn't the tense sneaking around, or the creative assassinations. It's the downtime in-between when you're breaking into every... [Read More]
Colin Kaepernick was already confirmed as the winner of the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award, but Bey's surprise appearance electrified the ceremony last night. [Read More]
Meghan Markle's dad, Thomas, lives a quiet life in down-at-heel Mexican seaside town. It's safe to say Prince Harry probably wont be going for a... [Read More]
The royals biographer extraordinaire talks about what's true and imagined on the Netflix series, about which royal he'd like to be, and whether the queen... [Read More]
Her first official public appearance was deemed a success. What instruction does Meghan Markle really need to become a royal princess? [Read More]
Meghan Markle wowed the crowds as she made her first public appearance with her beau Prince Harry today. And, get this, she seemed genuinely thrilled... [Read More]
The hints and allusions on various albums have been coming thick and fast for for years, but Jay-Z definitively admitted to cheating on his... [Read More]
Johnny Depp is back shooting the lead in a major new "Harry Potter" movie - and the director says Heard's claims were just someone 'taking... [Read More]
Kim Kardashian strips down and posts a naked picture online. Are we still fascinated? [Read More]
After a weekend of frenzied speculation, it was announced this morning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry in the spring of next year. [Read More]
At 96, Prince Philip is relishing living a downsized life at a modest cottage away from Buckingham Palace. He and the Queen have long cherished... [Read More]
The Louvre Abu Dhabi opened this weekend, hailed by some as a bridge of cultural understanding, and condemned by others as a symbol of worker... [Read More]
Disturbing allegations have been made against Steven Seagal by Portia de Rossi, the wife of Ellen De Generes, in the Hollywood harassment scandal's latest installment. [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein was so calculated in his bid to suppress allegations of sexual assault that he hired ex-spies to discredit victims and extract information from... [Read More]
The former Mr. Khloe Kardashian slumped to the floor in a Los Angeles nightclub after what witnesses said was a heavy night. His reps blamed... [Read More]
Royal watchers say time is running out for a Prince Harry-Meghan Markle engagement announcement this year. Will they live together first, and what careers will... [Read More]
One would hope that Kylie Jenner didn't get pregnant to get a new TV deal. But could she be timing the release of her baby... [Read More]