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Twitter is briefing Senate lawmakers next week about the use of bots, Sen. Mark Warner has said... [Read More]
Exec David Cohen also raises some potential concerns with the Sinclair-Tribune deal. [Read More]
IBM has 31 employees affected by Trump's decision to unwind the program. [Read More]
Věra Jourová, an EU commissioner, is paying American tech companies in the Valley a visit. [Read More]
Věra Jourová, an EU commissioner, is paying the Valley a visit. [Read More]
More fallout from the government's decision to delay the International Entrepreneur Rule. [Read More]
Alphabet needs time to digest a key report and other data recently turned over by Uber, it told the judge. [Read More]
Deep Nishar, its managing director, also dodges a key question about Uber and Lyft... [Read More]
In a statement, the company says it will "continue to strongly enforce our policies." [Read More]
RT @Recode: Sweetgreen says the company's cash-free experiment is going well:... [Read More]
Live from New York City. [Read More]
It's coming from Silicon Valley's representative in Congress, Ro Khanna. [Read More]
It's an early win for companies like Ford, Google and Uber. [Read More]
RT @TonyRomm: In a strong rebuke, Microsoft offered to aid employees affected by Trump's DACA decision... [Read More]
Let's take a closer look at today's announcement targeting the Dreamers. [Read More]
And it called on Congress to tackle the issue before it addresses tax reform, a major priority for tech. [Read More]
Apple CEO Tim Cook previously (and privately) pressed Trump on the issue, Recode reports. [Read More]
Dreamers won't be stripped of existing work authorizations. [Read More]
Reid Hoffman had grown tired of listening to Donald Trump trash talk Hillary Clinton and his ever-growing list of political foes. [Read More]
Inside the LinkedIn tech mogul's playbook for funding the candidates, causes and companies that might right U.S. politics. [Read More]