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Fans of the meth epic can expect to see more than 10 familiar characters in the movie. [Read More]
Cole seemingly signaled Friday that the Gang Starr track would be the final guest verse of this era. [Read More]
But seriously, let's start treating the possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth with a bit more gravitas. [Read More]
Ms Yeah has pushed back against assessments that the teens were copying her video, but has agreed to help the families. [Read More]
Previous attempts have been less-than-thrilling. [Read More]
Be careful how you abbreviate "BLT with cheese." [Read More]
The 'Honey Boy' writer/star hits the ring for the new 'Hot Ones.'... [Read More]
As executive producer, Drake was a key part of reviving the Channel 4 series for Netflix. [Read More]
X is on another magazine cover, this time looking at his path beyond "Old Town Road," which may include buying a house in Atlanta. [Read More]
The Disney CEO remembers the late Apple innovator in an excerpt from his upcoming memoir. [Read More]
Sady, it's highly unlikely this is the sort of advice that Obama's successor will ever implement in any way whatsoever. [Read More]
Thursday, 6ix9ine will once again take the witness stand. [Read More]
The teen's family is demanding answers, stating that the teen "should have never been treated like a second-class citizen in his own neighborhood." [Read More]
The AVN Hall of Fame inductee was pronounced dead at her San Fernando Valley home on Tuesday. [Read More]
A new report highlight's how 'Saturday Night Live' hired Shane Gillis to "appeal to more conservative viewers." [Read More]
The secretly filmed movie hits Netflix and select theaters Oct. 11. [Read More]
Chance sounds serious about this whole comedian thing. [Read More]
Next week, Kanye cements his Sunday Service era with the release of something called 'Jesus Is King.'... [Read More]
The arrest comes following the nonfatal meth overdose of a man at Buck's apartment. Previously, two men died of overdoses at Buck's apartment. [Read More]
The student wrote out the hook from the 'Goblin' track on a library flip chart. He was later charged with making a terroristic threat. [Read More]