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Samuel King Jr./US Air Force The Pentagon is trying to paper over serious problems with the F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft that could... [Read More]
Trump, who accepted Kim's summit invite on the spot, has brought a new and unorthodox approach to the North, including public taunts by call... [Read More]
The U.S.-Turkey relationship has been deeply strained over local Kurdish forces in Syria, Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti told the Senate Armed Serv... [Read More]
Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti said the 29-nation alliance would prevail in a wider regional conflict with the Russians, but on Thursday warned the... [Read More]
Gen. John Hyten also touted the Trump administration's decision to pursue low-yield nuclear cruise and submarine-launched missiles. [Read More]
Spencer said the purchase of a single LCS is "granted, not optimal" for the shipyards. "We believe that is a good sustaining rate for both... [Read More]
Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, head of U.S. Africa Command, told the House Armed Services Committee that the Djiboutian government is deeply in deb... [Read More]
"The families need to know what we found first, and the Congress will be informed, and then we'll bring it out." [Read More]
Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone acknowledged the threat and suggested a new cyber doctrine to deter adversaries amid questioning from frustrated Repu... [Read More]
Thornberry said Wednesday he supports exposing Russian hacking and influence operations in the United States, but warned it might come with... [Read More]
"There are many people in the Pentagon who I think in large part agree with us. I've been particularly proud of Deputy Secretary of Defense... [Read More]
Adm. Mike Rogers, who is also National Security Agency director, warned the Senate Armed Services Committee that the country is not doing en... [Read More]
"They took their hits during the Obama years," Senate Armed Services Committee member says. [Read More]
Cummings also asked that the committee be allowed to vote on a subpoena if Trey Gowdy opposed the idea. [Read More]
Army Secretary Mark Esper said he has been meeting with members of Congress about relaxing a Sept. 30 deadline for using its annual operatio... [Read More]
The Pentagon has until Wednesday to send a plan to the White House on transgender troop policy... [Read More]
"I've come to the conclusion in my own mind that it's not today, we don't have to build a seawall today, but we have to... [Read More]
The commander of U.S. Pacific Command said he believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is pursuing nuclear weapons to eventually reunify the Korean peninsula.... [Read More]
"I do think that he is after reunification under a single communist system, so he is after what his grandfather failed to do and his... [Read More]
The Air Force is looking to buy smaller, lower-cost alternatives to fight insurgencies and terrorists around the world. [Read More]