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Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 02:12 PM
While I'm optimistic about Tesla, I'm also aware that the company faces existential risks. In this article, I detail what I see as the #1... [Read More]
Uber and Lyft can't survive the transition to autonomous ride-hailing without cooperation from car manufacturers. Uber and Lyft have nothing that car manufactur... [Read More]
Three crucial elements constitute the self-driving future: electric cars, self-driving software, and autonomous ride-hailing. GM has made efforts on all three. [Read More]
Apple shouldn't make a car. Apple shouldn't make self-driving software for other companies' cars. If anything, Apple should buy a car company. [Read More]
Most of the revenue from self-driving by far will come from autonomous ride-hailing. Mobileye is in a weak position to wrest much of that revenue... [Read More]
No matter how good Waymo's self-driving technology is, it can't succeed without equipping a high volume of cars with that technology. Car manufacturers are ince... [Read More]
Over the next decade, the automotive industry will be turned on its head. Individual ownership of gasoline cars will give way to autonomous ride-hailing of... [Read More]
Contrary to earlier fears, Model S and X demand is growing even as Model 3 deliveries begin. Model 3 production is on track. Demand remains... [Read More]
I believe Tesla is likely to launch an on-demand self-driving semi truck service, which I call the Tesla Freight Network. I use some rough back-of-the-envelope... [Read More]
Well-capitalized and well-managed companies often fail to adapt when a new technology enters their industry. Small startups overtake giant firms. Established au... [Read More]
Tesla's annual shareholder meeting contained several important revelations. The most significant: Tesla plans to build 10 to 20 Gigafactories worldwide. The big... [Read More]
Reviews say GM's Chevy Bolt is a great car, but the hype has gone too far. The Bolt is not a Tesla killer or even... [Read More]
Tesla is using its fleet of Hardware 2 cars to create high-definition maps of roadways. No competitor can do this. HD maps could create a... [Read More]
Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs predict that Tesla will only deliver 2,000 or 2,025 Model 3s in 2017, respectively. I think these forecasts are unreasonably... [Read More]
The roll out of new advanced driver assistance features in Q3 will make both Tesla's Model X SUV and Model S sedan more attractive vehicles.... [Read More]
The financial opportunity in self driving is astronomical. As a vertically integrated self-driving car company, Tesla could become one of the most profitable co... [Read More]
There's a lot of ground to cover from Tesla's quarterly earnings call, which is one of the best yet. I break down my article as... [Read More]
Misinformation about Tesla abounds, even among highly attentive investors. At the same time, hugely consequential information, especially about the company's se... [Read More]
SpaceX has just made history by launching a reused rocket. SpaceX did what NASA couldn't, and what Boeing and Lockheed Martin couldn't. Elon Musk's other... [Read More]