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Basic coding fundamentals are no longer optional for high school graduates who want to excel in the modern workforce. Every child won't grow up to... [Read More]
Keeping children safe online shouldn't mean compromising our parenting standards, unnecessary invasions of privacy, or leaps of faith. AI is here to help. [Read More]
A group of researchers recently developed a 'smart pill' system. The idea is that a patient will swallow a pill coated in gel containing a... [Read More]
Facebook is making some changes to videos, including the addition of six-second pre-roll ads and changes to what gets prioritized. [Read More]
Rob Bliss used Amazon's Prime Now service to make a difference in the lives of several people living on the street, getting them exactly what... [Read More]
Patreon took a beating on the internet when it announced its new fee structure. Instead of sticking to its guns, it's issued a rollback and... [Read More]
A virtual assistant in Russia is running for president in 2018. Would you vote Siri or Alexa in 2020? Maybe it's time for a virtual... [Read More]
The entry-level U34W Dragonfly from Force 1 is a beginners delight. I took one to the park for my family to play with and we... [Read More]
Google's Santa Tracker gets some robot-love as the company, in a partnership with Santa Claus, released "Speed Sketch," a game about drawing pictures for AI... [Read More]
Sure, robots might one day rule over all the inferior humans. But for now, it looks like they're mostly just weird conflations of puppetry and... [Read More]
Robots are coming to steal all the jobs. Unless those same machines create more jobs than they take, which some experts think may be the... [Read More]
Even without the repeal of net neutrality Comcast continues to show disregard for a free and open internet by inserting its own code into webpages... [Read More]
A series of advances in AI is giving investigators a new edge in the hunt for serial killers both old and current. [Read More]
Don't sell your Windows 10 PC or give it away until you've taken all the necessary steps to ensure your data is backed up and... [Read More]
Linner's NC50 Active Noise Cancelling earbuds are wireless and ultra-light. We checked out a pair to find out if they could give us some peace... [Read More]
Amazon just rolled out new holiday themed functionality for its Alexa virtual assistant across compatible devices. Now you can talk to Santa Claus himself. [Read More]
Deep learning for AI that happens in a black box is becoming the fodder of scary headlines and heated debate. But is it really that... [Read More]
Google reveals its top downloads for 2017 across Google Play, revealing the top five apps, games, songs, movies, TV shows, and books. [Read More]
Bitcoin's price is fluctuating wildly, but continues its upward trend despite hiccups and rallies. What does the bullish outlook look like? [Read More]
Ozobot's Evo robot is a tiny toy that'll teach your kids how to code with colored markers and paper. We checked Evo out to see... [Read More]