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"Ever-increasing quantities of evidence suggest Kavanaugh did not do this." [Read More]
Without Google bias, "her win margin in the popular vote would have been negligible." [Read More]
"A major victory for free speech and freedom of religion." [Read More]
New movie unmasks the 'Big Brother' power of Google and Facebook. [Read More]
"It's to the benefit of Chuck Schumer and his crew to allow the vote." [Read More]
It also gives a crash course in personal apologetics. [Read More]
They gave 35 TIMES more to Hillary than Trump. [Read More]
P.J. Smyth stands by Kavanaugh's "great integrity." [Read More]
"It is not the FBI's role to investigate a matter such as this." [Read More]
A classy response to a classless situation. [Read More]
"I admire him as a husband, father, and professional." [Read More]
Why big tech is vulnerable to anti-trust, consumer fraud investigations. [Read More]
Same congressman warned ICE officials, "You will not be safe..." [Read More]
"A man of the highest integrity." [Read More]
David Hogg still demands her resignation, anyway... [Read More]
"Absolutely no place in politics for threats and acts of violence." [Read More]
Meeting to focus on free speech, anti-trust concerns. [Read More]
Debunked by WaPo and PolitiFact, among so many others... [Read More]
Lawyer: This may violate federal law... [Read More]
"Google tried to get Hillary elected. They failed this time." [Read More]