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The State Department "has dropped the ball" on climate migration issues, the Government Accountability Office says. [Read More]
Democrats and even some Republicans pressed Wheeler on greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. [Read More]
Referrals for criminal prosecutions for environmental crimes are at a 30-year low. [Read More]
PG&E faces billions of dollars in liability from wildfires exacerbated by rising temperatures and drought. [Read More]
The interior secretary's latest gaffe was a pledge of allegiance to fossil fuels. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke let the mask slip this week, turning the... [Read More]
Massive downpours like these are no longer as rare as the name suggests. [Read More]
What hurricanes reveal about our neglected, time-bomb toxic waste sites. [Read More]
One rancher is deploying a controversial holistic grazing strategy to restore the land and capture carbon dioxide. The Weather Channel earlier this year launched a... [Read More]
Warmer temperatures are increasing the energy and moisture available to hurricanes. As the Carolinas and Virginia brace for Hurricane Florence's assault later this week, one... [Read More]
All the ice that melted at the South Pole in the past 25 years, visualized with swimming pools. The frigid expanse of land at the... [Read More]
Scientists are looking into ways to weaken hurricanes early on. As Hurricane Florence whips across the Atlantic toward the East Coast, forecasters are warning the... [Read More]
We fuel them. We build next to them. We ignite them. As firefighters steadily beat back this summer's massive blazes in California, new fires continue... [Read More]
The former administrator's bloated security detail was unwarranted, the EPA's Office of the Inspector General found. Scott Pruitt's stint as head of the Environmental Protection... [Read More]
But no one can afford to cut them all down. California has a problem to the tune of 129 million dead trees, spread across 8.9... [Read More]
Dairy milk producers want the FDA to stop soy, almond, and oat beverages from using the term "milk." "An almond doesn't lactate, I will confess,"... [Read More]
Turns out there's a lot of latent demand for a quick and cheap way to get around. [Read More]
The storm has already dumped more than two feet of rain on the Big Island. [Read More]
The Trump administration is proposing to replace Obama's Clean Power Plan with a much weaker rule. The Environmental Protection Agency has released the details of... [Read More]
Major wildfires are delivering choking haze to much of the western United States. Ash and smoke are choking Seattle's air for the second week in... [Read More]
Poor forest management is a key driver of fires, but it's not activists that are standing in the way. [Read More]