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A young mother who converted to Islam was brutally murdered by her husband who barred her from seeing family and friends, a court heard. [Read More]
"Horrified" students launched a campaign to remove the name of four-time British Prime Minister William Gladstone from a University building... [Read More]
Migrants have 'greatly helped' Europe's economies and can prevent violent extremism, according to the WEF Migration Council chairman. [Read More]
A new report has accused successive governments of 'misleading the public' on the role of mass migration in England's housing crisis. [Read More]
Islamic indoctrination vital in preparing children for diverse Britain, claims council... [Read More]
Charities must act to ensure boards "reflect communities they serve" the charity watchdog warned after a survey found most trustees are white... [Read More]
The Church of England has said schools should encourage young children to experiment with "gender identity", in its new guidance on bullying. [Read More]
Drag queens are being brought into UK nursery schools as 'queer role models' to stop toddlers committing hate crimes later in life. [Read More]
A teacher has been suspended after allegations he referred to a pupil who was born female, but "self-identifies" as a boy, as a girl. [Read More]
The Scottish government has been warned that plans to let children legally 'change gender' amount to "state-sponsored child abuse". [Read More]
Syrians resettled in Britain last year are dissatisfied with the NHS, and unhappy about being placed outside of cities, a UN report has said. [Read More]
An alleged private hire driver has been found guilty of the "appalling" rape of a teenager who thought she was getting into a taxi. [Read More]
The birth family of a baby murdered by her gay adoptive father have said she'd "still be alive today" if social services hadn't taken her... [Read More]
The EU must "pump funding" into left-wing education and media, according to an NGO set up by globalist financier George Soros. [Read More]
A woman who married America's most senior-ranked Islamic State fighter said she was driven to join the terror group by "racism" in Britain. [Read More]
The director of the Oxford Middle East Centre said Tariq Ramadan rape allegations look like an attempt to "gang up" on a "prominent" Muslim. [Read More]
Ahmadi Muslims raising funds for the Royal British Legion have described getting abuse from left-wing opponents of the "racist" Poppy Appeal. [Read More]
Tell MAMA urged Google to review its algorithms to ensure searches on topics like grooming gangs and terrorism do not yield "anti-Muslim" results. [Read More]
The inquiry into Damian Green, who recently attacked Breitbart, has been widened after claims police found "extreme" pornography on his computers. [Read More]
A man has been charged with FGM in what is only the second case of its kind in the UK, despite the practice having been... [Read More]