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If the Democrats take the House, we may see a revival of President Donald Trump's promised $1 trillion (or more) infrastructure program, this time financed... [Read More]
Less than a month after announcing the new category, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has backed down from its plan to give... [Read More]
Finding the dockless Bird scooters and getting paid to charge them is frustrating and doesn't pay much. But it's fun. [Read More]
WeWork, the SoftBank-backed startup that rents out co-working and office space, recently told its 6,000 employees worldwide that it won't pay for any meals that... [Read More]
The median salary for drivers who haul a variety of goods nationally is about $53,000, according to an ATA survey published in March. That's a... [Read More]
Melania Trump just gave the world a lesson in the ambiguity of clothing as a language — even when it contains literal words. [Read More]
In 18th century France, wearing the wrong fabric could get you in big trouble. [Read More]
People want more stuff. Regulations, retirements and a lack of parking spaces aren't helping long-haul truckers get it to them. [Read More]
Melania Trump just gave the world a lesson in the ambiguity of clothing as a language — even when it contains literal words. On... [Read More]
Civility would go a long way toward building desperately needed living space in California — and elsewhere. [Read More]
A new state law that allows owners of single-family properties to build guest apartments is showing plenty of promise in easing the housing crunch. [Read More]
Efforts in the 1980s to curb the state's explosive growth are having unintended consequences three decades later. [Read More]
In dominating Twitter, the president joined the American tradition of embracing new media just as Eisenhower did with TV, says author David Haven Blake. [Read More]
There is no federal law mandating that every company's lineup of phones average an 18-hour battery life by 2025. That would be ridiculous. Why should... [Read More]
Ford's decision to focus on making the bigger vehicles people want shows why the current rules are a terrible way to regulate emissions. [Read More]
The backlash against Facebook threatens a major market advantage over China: freedom to grow out of control. [Read More]
Sleep apnea afflicts an estimated one in 15 Americans, particularly overweight men over 40 like Dan. Dan on the new "Roseanne" has it. It's a... [Read More]
The radical premise of family sitcoms is that recognizing diverse viewpoints and voices, including those that don't assume that what we take for granted is the... [Read More]
Before Wednesday evening, I'd never seen a single episode of "Roseanne." But in the interest of cultural commentary, I cranked up my app to... [Read More]
Its radical premise: Recognizing diverse viewpoints can in fact showcase the things we share. [Read More]