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President Trump is expected to offer Democrats a compromise on immigration Saturday aimed at ending the shutdown. [Read More]
Former Navy SEAL and Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw wants to help make conservatism "cool" for younger voters who have been flocking to Democrats. [Read More]
The Washington Post warned people to beware of fake copies of its newspaper and website appearing Wednesday that say President Trump is abruptly leaving office. [Read More]
'They tried to destroy this president,' he says... [Read More]
No agreement reached with northern neighbor amid imminent deadline... [Read More]
Trump signed a new National Cyber Strategy document authorizing offensive cyberattacks against foreign targets, "and I think our adversaries need to know that," Bolton said. [Read More]
The 2016 election provided Republicans with an immense opportunity to govern and to demonstrate that their policies work. Between President Trump's unexpected victory and GOP... [Read More]
Sources say McConnell, as would other GOP leaders, would approve $5 billion post-election. [Read More]
Used to fight deadly drug-resistant bacteria... [Read More]
Lawmakers cite daily human rights violations by nation... [Read More]
Chinese businesses rush to launch wireless tech... [Read More]
Putin pledges trust in politics, security, defense... [Read More]
US airlines link success to booming economy... [Read More]
White House official says milk key to agreement... [Read More]
Describes his greatness of character... [Read More]
Delusional execs hope you won't notice mass censorship of conservatives... [Read More]
$1 million in financial aid grants raised for agents and their families. [Read More]
Samuel King Jr./US Air Force The Pentagon is trying to paper over serious problems with the F-35 joint strike fighter aircraft that could... [Read More]
Given all the rhetorical arrows President Donald Trump sent Mexico's way during his 2016 presidential campaign, it must come as some surprise that the nation's... [Read More]
Top diplomat contradicted initial report... [Read More]