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Public pension funds are sliding toward insolvency. The calls to further burden them with divestment mandates will only make these funds more risky, and less... [Read More]
State occupational licensing regulations have become market obstacle that harm consumers and deny opportunities to potential entrepreneurs. For those industries where these regulations are deemed... [Read More]
Unable to pass a budget by regular order, Congress continues to employ budget gimmicks to the detriment of sustainable federal budgeting. Claiming that the CREATES... [Read More]
The latest health care expenditure data contradicts the perception that pharmaceutical expenditures are driving the health care affordability problem. This latest data confirms that the... [Read More]
The major argument against the importation of prescription drugs from other countries — an action Congress appears to be revisiting as a purported solution to... [Read More]
Fiscal conservative should support tax reform to improve economic growth, and embrace spending reform to address the deficit. [Read More]
Without changes to the U.S. patent system, innovation will be dampened in industries such as the high-tech, and well-paying, life sciences industry. [Read More]
Congress can't improve the costs of drugs by reverting to failed policies, such as price controls. Instead, Congress must learn how the drug market works,... [Read More]
Abuse of an obscure drug discount program (340B) is leading to higher overall health care costs and greater market distortions. Congress should reform the 340B... [Read More]
The purpose of health insurance is to cover the costs of unexpected, but costly, illnesses and accidents. Regulations that allow insurers to discriminate against patients... [Read More]
In order to increase the benefits patients receive from pharmaceuticals, the current nonsensical pricing structure must be understood, and then changed. [Read More]
In the latest example of political chicanery, Congress is combining the CREATES Act (a gift to trial lawyers at the expense of pharmaceutical innovation) with... [Read More]
More than 20 state and local governments are hiring private lawyers to shake down opioid manufacturers. Frivolous lawsuits are part of the U.S. health care... [Read More]
Reforms will successfully improve the pharmaceutical market when they simplify the regulatory barriers creating the overly-complicated pricing environment. [Read More]
One of the problems plaguing the pharmaceutical market is the anti-competitive pricing environment. Reforms are necessary to enable clearer pricing signals that will improve health... [Read More]
California is called earthquake country for good reason. There are nearly 2,000 known fault lines crisscrossing the state, and scientists continue to discover new fault... [Read More]
Inefficiencies in the health insurance market are causing coverage restrictions that deny far too many cancer patients the proton therapies that their oncologists recommended. Fundamental... [Read More]
If the U.S. economy is ever going to regain its past economic mojo, then Congress must pass comprehensive tax reform. Consider how much has changed... [Read More]
As exemplified by the CDC, there are many opportunities for budgetary savings that will reduce the costs of government without impacting core government services. [Read More]
Improvements in the nation's infrastructure are necessary, but government budget constraints will limit these investments. Public private partnerships offer a better way to build the... [Read More]