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The public pension crisis threatens the fiscal solvency of most states. As California's example demonstrates, reforms are possible that lessen the economic costs while ensuring... [Read More]
Polls show that most Americans are concerned about global warming, Still,most families still don't buy low emission cars indicating higher CAFE standards will harm families. [Read More]
CMS has proposed regulatory changes to its competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment. These changes would improve health outcomes and lower overall health care... [Read More]
The U.S. pharmaceutical market is striking a reasonable balance between encouraging generic competition and promoting innovative patented medicines. It is this dynamic, not PBMs, that... [Read More]
The tariffs the Trump Administration is imposing, and the coming global trade war, are risking a recession. [Read More]
The economic boost from previous pro-growth reforms (corporate tax reform and deregulation) are threatened by the Administration's tariffs and the rising global trade tensions. Instead... [Read More]
A vibrant biosimilars market will create effective competition against biologic medicines -- just like generic medicines compete against patented medicines. However, reforms to eliminate current... [Read More]
Health insurance in the U.S. is not insurance, it is a pre-arranged cost sharing agreement that distorts the insurance concept. As a result, insurance often... [Read More]
Governor Roy Cooper has reasserted state control from the managed care organization that had been successfully managing parts of the state's Medicaid program. This action... [Read More]
Legislation currently being debated in the Illinois Senate would empower the AG to declare when prices for generic medicines are too high. This proposal, like... [Read More]
Price controls on pharmaceuticals, or any sector of the health care system, will not solve the problem of growing health care un-affordability. Systemic reforms that... [Read More]
California policymakers have been on overdrive in recent years pursuing a clean energy future for the Golden State. State policymakers have enacted scores of government... [Read More]
Solving the looming fiscal crises for the federal, state, and local governments requires grandiose reforms and more effective budget management. [Read More]
The U.S. health insurance system is fundamentally flawed. Without reforms that makes health insurance actual insurance, the problems that plague the U.S. health care system... [Read More]
Public pension funds are sliding toward insolvency. The calls to further burden them with divestment mandates will only make these funds more risky, and less... [Read More]
State occupational licensing regulations have become market obstacle that harm consumers and deny opportunities to potential entrepreneurs. For those industries where these regulations are deemed... [Read More]
Unable to pass a budget by regular order, Congress continues to employ budget gimmicks to the detriment of sustainable federal budgeting. Claiming that the CREATES... [Read More]
The latest health care expenditure data contradicts the perception that pharmaceutical expenditures are driving the health care affordability problem. This latest data confirms that the... [Read More]
The major argument against the importation of prescription drugs from other countries — an action Congress appears to be revisiting as a purported solution to... [Read More]
Fiscal conservative should support tax reform to improve economic growth, and embrace spending reform to address the deficit. [Read More]