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Despite being broadsided in the media and receiving death threats, just as she had anticipated she would, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has announced via her attorneys... [Read More]
As part of his sentencing hearing set to begin on Monday, Bill Cosby's lawyers plan to fight a classification as a "sexually violent predator," the... [Read More]
In an astonishing display of restraint, here's nine-months-pregnant Hilary Duff politely asking her stalker, whom she addresses as "sir" while he is idling in a... [Read More]
Like a knife to the oversized inflatable hot dog of my heart, the cruel postmodernists of Gucci have unleashed on the world (of the rich)... [Read More]
BBC reports that the UK, henceforth known as the United Kingdom of Warrior Goddesses, continues to name her babies after Game of Thrones characters in... [Read More]
23-year-old Laura Knoblach has come forward with allegations that her father, Minnesota state representative Jim Knoblach, inappropriately touched, kissed, and pinned her down throughout her... [Read More]
Deciding that they can no longer stand by as their brother, Congressperson Paul Gosar (R-Arizona)... exists... six of his nine siblings are starring in campaign... [Read More]
Blake Lively, liberator, staunch defender of her decision to pick out her own clothes, has been photographed exiting Christian Dior's Paris office wearing a skirt... [Read More]
Update 9/16: A "lawyer close to the White House" tells Politico that there will be no withdrawing Kavanaugh's nomination. "If anything, it's the opposite," he... [Read More]
This pains me. [Read More]
Less than a day after news broke that a Border Patrol agent has been apprehended and charged with murdering four women in Laredo Texas, news... [Read More]
FYI, Cats of England: Tesco of Rugby is a no-judgement zone. If you feel like, say, swiping some treats off the shelf and then plopping... [Read More]
Announcement: We are now pumpin'. [Read More]
Nearly three decades after she was famously subjected to an eight-hour grilling by an all-white, all-male Senate Judiciary Committee about her allegations of sexual harassment... [Read More]
Already the previews from the final season of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown are bursting open the tear ducts. Yesterday, CNN released a clip of an... [Read More]
Is Drake dating an 18-year-old? [Read More]
Miss Michigan has arrived, and Michigan government officials can suck it. On Sunday evening, Emily Sioma used her two seconds of airtime at the Miss... [Read More]
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown won six Emmys on Sunday night, including two posthumous wins for Bourdain himself. He was awarded one for best informational series... [Read More]
Following six new allegations of sexual harassment and rape, longtime CBS C.E.O. Les Moonves has resigned effective immediately. Moonves has called the accusations–which include forcing... [Read More]
I do not follow tennis, but it's pretty obvious even to me that the sport and its coverage has been testing Serena Williams with overtly... [Read More]