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Sears Holdings Corp. filed for Chapter 11 protection. But right or wrong Sears is going to stay open thanks to Edward Lampert. So now that... [Read More]
Gillette has long propagated its role in a man's life as the great confidence-builder, telling us a clean shave means you look good, you can... [Read More]
On paper the new TV spot from Minnesota's "Dean Phillips For Congress" campaign is hokey. It's rare to pull off a talking Bigfoot to any... [Read More]
According to new research, a whopping 64% of corporate America have in-house agencies today. Just ten years ago that number was 42%. In-house agencies are... [Read More]
Sir Paul McCartney has always had a knack for generating content. He goes further than concerts, further than getting radio play, even showing a real... [Read More]
We all know Ryan Reynolds from his movies but did you know he also took a significant ownership position in a small gin distillery called... [Read More]
Social media is ablaze with reactions from the right and the left to the new Nike ad with Collin Kaepernick. But true to form, both... [Read More]
Sometimes a great ad is just a great ad. No need to overthink it or reverse-engineer the strategy. Just a great ad that says something... [Read More]
I study human creativity regularly, always looking for new studies on the subject. And when I find enough of them I share a cluster here... [Read More]
Pepsi is buying SodaStream for $3.2 billion. Analysts seam to like it so perhaps this "hedge" is a good business decision. But is it only... [Read More]
Bud Light is putting "Victory Fridges" full of Bud Light beer all over Cleveland that will automatically unlock the second the Browns win their first... [Read More]
Bud Light is putting "Victory Fridges" full of Bud Light beer all over Cleveland that will automatically unlock the second the Browns win their first... [Read More]
GoGo squeeZ, a collection of on-the-go and all-natural snacks for kids, has found a purpose around which its brand can truly rally. It's a truth... [Read More]
House Democrats have a new tag line to help rally support for the upcoming November elections, "For the people." I am going to analyze this... [Read More]
Last month, Chief Marketing Officer of Taza Chocolate, Barb Reilly, held an innovative pitch not with traditional ad agencies, but with established freelance teams. Well,... [Read More]
Up to now, when I thought of StubHub, I thought of an online service that sells tickets. And that's pretty much it. But, with a... [Read More]
Gareth Southgate, the manager for the England's soccer team, attended an NBA game. He wanted to learn from basketball with the hope of taking that... [Read More]
Siggi Hilmarsson started the Siggi's brand in 2004 because he found yogurts in the US to be too sweet. It's this simple insight that inspired... [Read More]
Heineken launched a new advertising campaign this week and it's got the makings of another great beer campaign. Thing is, it's missing an ingredient almost... [Read More]
Like advertising needed yet another enemy. They're getting it from the holding companies. They're getting it from their clients. Even Deloitte and Accenture are getting... [Read More]