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Julien Baker does not make music as much as release stitched-up and sutured pieces of herself. Each creation endures the vise-like grip of her self-reflection,... [Read More]
Seeing Grizzly Bear live is like witnessing an operatic ode to synchronicity. A myriad of voices blend into one and instruments crash and clamber before... [Read More]
Angel Olsen's career has been a case study in steady and rewarding upward advancement. She started as backup singer for freak-folk icon Bonnie Prince Billy... [Read More]
LVL UP, beloved indie rockers who produced three nearly-perfect albums of cathartic tunes this decade, announced earlier this year that they'd be calling i... [Read More]
Horror stories abound of comedians' first forays onstage. Jokes bomb, crowds are indifferent, angry drunks heckle mercilessly -- it's all part of the growi... [Read More]
My Bloody Valentine is famous for many things. Having formed in Ireland 35 years ago, the band essentially created the genre of shoegaze — the... [Read More]
Pllush would like to clear up a few misconceptions. This is not strictly a shoegaze band. It actually has two lead singers, not one. And... [Read More]
With their hushed vocals, heart-on-sleeve lyrics, and unapologetically whimsical mannerisms, no one would ever mistake Belle and Sebastian for high-volume, maxed-out punk rockers. But if... [Read More]
As we all know, adolescence is the fucking worst. For whatever reason, the empathy gene just isn't found in most youngsters, so any individual who's... [Read More]
On the night in October that a wall of flames approached Gundlach Bundschu Winery in Sonoma, Jeff Bundschu, the scion of the oldest vineyard on... [Read More]
Before comedian Jeff Ross performs in a city, he conducts careful research, looking up the news, topics and trends for each area, in an effort... [Read More]
In 2012, Scott "Monty" Munro and Matt Flegel were playing in their buddy Chad Vangaalen's band, content to support their project while noodling around on... [Read More]
Phoebe Bridgers' debut album — the haunted, beguiling, and plaintively beautiful Stranger in the Alps — is filled with awed allusions to the iconic power of... [Read More]
You can be forgiven for mistaking Robin Pecknold as some sort of rock deity dreamed up by the management of Rolling Stone. Possessing an angelic... [Read More]
Under the right circumstances, pop musicians are completely emboldened by their swagger. The right gait, a flair for fashion, and unrequited confidence can elevate idols... [Read More]
Whether it's the ghostly, inverted synths of Suicide's debut album, the defiantly spoken-word poesy of Patti Smith's Horses or the razor-thin guitar work of Interpol's... [Read More]
"Number One (In New York)," the opening track of punk band Titus Andronicus' new album, A Productive Cough, is a slow-churning ballad that builds with... [Read More]
A quick glance at the track list for Pardoner's debut album, Uncontrollable Salvation, reveals how this San Francisco band has a penchant for balancing the... [Read More]
One of the most beguiling and beautiful songs of this young year is a tune called "Country" by Porches, the recording name of New York-based... [Read More]
Last month, Phil Elverum — who records under the moniker Mount Eerie — released "Distortion," an ominous, 11-minute waltz through loss, pain, and acceptance. It was... [Read More]