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It's been a likely possibility for a while now that Orange Is The New Black's sentence might almost be up; the Netflix series is coming... [Read More]
Good news for the trombone player that now just follows subscription movie ticket service MoviePass around everywhere, "womp-wahh"-ing whenever something bad happens to it: New... [Read More]
Dylan McDermott is up to his old creeper ways in the new trailer for The Clovehitch Killer, about a kid (Charlie Plummer) who worries his... [Read More]
Catching the zeitgeist just as aggressively as the days when it first introduced the world to concepts like "roommates" and "people acting like assholes for... [Read More]
There are few gigs in modern TV more fraught with the potential to out yourself as a massive asshole than hosting Saturday Night Live. Pretty... [Read More]
The Good Place thrives on a sense of manic improvisation, both from its characters, and from itself. Nobody embodies that sense of "Screw it, let's... [Read More]
Look, we don't know about you, but we rely on YouTube for a lot of shit over the course of a day. What was the... [Read More]
It's been decades since Adam Sandler last did stand-up on a regular basis, preferring to deliver his laughs in a format more conducive to filmed... [Read More]
[Note: This article contains spoilers for tonight's season premiere of The Conners.] [Read More]
Those genius innovators at Netflix have stumbled onto yet another earth-shattering revelation about the entertainment business: People really like it when attractive, charming people say... [Read More]
You can now add Fox News host Tucker Carlson's name to the list of conservatives whose outside-the-home dining options now come with a family style... [Read More]
[Note: Although Harvey Birdman, Attorney General doesn't air on Adult Swim until tomorrow night, it's currently streaming on the Adult Swim web site.] [Read More]
Amazon's celebrated Emmy-winner Transparent has been in flux for almost a year now, ever since multiple women involved in the show's production accused star Jeffrey... [Read More]
Like an unemployed, daytime TV-addicted 25-year-old with a Joy Behar fetish, the American government has now expressed some uncomfortably strong opinions about The View. White... [Read More]
As with so many places where entertainment and emotion intersect, rap beefs exist in a weird, semi-real space. On the one hand, they're pure marketing... [Read More]
M. Night Shyamalan looks well on his way to his own cinematic superhero universe, with the new trailer for Glass focusing on the team-up between... [Read More]
Good news, Danny Rand fans! After years of trailing along sadly behind other, better, more interesting shows, Marvel's Iron Fist has finally found a way to... [Read More]
Netflix released the first season of The Haunting Of Hill House today, Mike Flanagan's family-focused (but absolutely not family-friendly) adaptation of Shirley Jackson's horror novel... [Read More]
Let's start with a dark, furtive confession: Divorced of its association with millions of repeats, remixes, and sound clips of Mike Myers screaming "Donkey!", Smash... [Read More]
Spider-Man's proving to be quite a Clothes-Horse in his upcoming Homecoming sequel, Far From Home: Crafty photographers (including Instagram account comicgodz) have snapped a few... [Read More]
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