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Ex-ICC chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo is under fire for ruining President Kenyatta's ruining crimes against humanity trial at the Hague while Liberia's elections body... [Read More]
Emmanuel Macron denies he is a "richman"s President and vows to stay the course of unpopular reform in first televised interview since his election. [Read More]
Leaked documents expose shady Françafrique dealings in the ICC's trial of Laurent Gbagbo while r Macron gets stuck in Sahel quicksand. [Read More]
Kenya's elections' agency adds confusion to the Presidential election crisis by adding 5 new names to the October 26 repeat ballot. And wild rumours about... [Read More]
Donald trump confirms reputation as deal breaker after walking out of UNESCO and the nuclear weapons treaty with Iran and there is anxiety in Europe... [Read More]
George Weah takes partial lead in Liberia's Presidential polls but observers expect a runoff. Kenya's Raila Odinga defies ban on urban rallies to press for... [Read More]
Donald Trump dumps UNESCO in latest act of American "patriotic greed". Paris Mayor wages early war on fuel and diesel cars; and the story of... [Read More]
France's Emmanuel Macron struggles with 'richman President's label" after unveiling his landmark proposal for tax reform. Will Americans reopen the debate on gun control after... [Read More]
Monkey pox breaks out in Nigeria, 37 years after the eradiction of the deadly smallpox by the WHO while international stakeholders mobilize in a fresh... [Read More]
French press warns Catalan separatists and the Madrid government not to play with a lighter in the hay barn. [Read More]
German researchers in painful process to identify 1000 African skulls stolen out of Africa during colonial rule while Kenya faces more tensions as the elections... [Read More]
French papers take President Macron to task, for "cynical" remarks about retrenched factory workers who spend their time "stirring up shit" instead of looking for... [Read More]
Madrid and Barcelona head for a final showdown over Catalonia. [Read More]
Kenya's elections body under pressure to clean-up its act fires five polling officers, while South Africa's Vodaphone announces free internet access for university students. [Read More]
UN piles pressure on Cameroon's Paul Biya to probe deadly violence during "Anglophone" proclamation of sovereign Ambazonia state while Kenya's political arch enemies hold abortive... [Read More]
France gets tough on terror but pays heavy price of failures in Marseille attack and why Europe won't buy Catania's independence offer. [Read More]
Is France's 2018 budget doctored for the rich? What Europe stands to lose in Sunday's independence referendum in Spain's Catalonia. And PSG sends "here I... [Read More]
Ugandan MPs in fist fight over an age-limit law set to bar veteran President Museveni from staying in office. COSATU holds giant protests to force... [Read More]
Kenya's opposition chief Odinga, wants Safaricom to face the law for alleged role in in the Presidential election mess. South Africa is sqet for a... [Read More]
French press asks if President Macron can deliver the agenda of big dreams for Europe he unveiled in a major policy speech on Tuesday. [Read More]