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New Castle County government has retained attorneys to consult officials on a potential land sale and possible lawsuit regarding the county airport.        ... [Read More]
Shyheim Warren has been charged with murder in the death of Tynesia Cephas, 16, in Wilmington in 2017.        ... [Read More]
Residents who live near the former Three Little Bakers Country Club told county officials to bat down a proposal to develop 224 residences Tuesday.      ... [Read More]
Because of late disclosure of witnesses, one defendant lost his lawyer to a conflict. He will now represent himself        ... [Read More]
State officials finalized an agreement to privatize the Port of Wilmington at the facility on Tuesday.        ... [Read More]
A Kent County businessman was sentenced to 7 years in jail for drug dealing.        ... [Read More]
Months after Marco Rizzo was indicted of raping an underage employee, the restaurateur has given his business to his son and is returning to Italy.... [Read More]
Two men have been charged with murder in connection to a double killing that occurred on Lamotte Street in Wilmington.        ... [Read More]
A lawsuit claims that a feud between the football and baseball teams at Delaware State University led to a student being beaten on campus in... [Read More]
Rev. Derrick "Pastor D" Johnson said he uses "altar calls" as a doorway to get people leave the street life.        ... [Read More]
Prosecutors keep charging teens with gang participation, but it has done little to stem the rivalry        ... [Read More]
A federal appellate court has decided whether the first-of-its-kind Matusiewicz convictions should be thrown out.        ... [Read More]
Two incumbent New Castle County Councilmen        ... [Read More]
Kathy Jennings won the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in Tuesday's primary.        ... [Read More]
Music videos are key pieces of evidence that state prosecutors are using to charge large groups of young men with gang participation.        ... [Read More]
Here's what you may have missed in the last year since The News Journal first published its in-depth series on Wilmington's teen gun violence.      ... [Read More]
Developers have put money toward the incumbents running for New Castle County Council.        ... [Read More]
Two men who pleaded guilty to robbing a combined 20 stores over three months have been sentenced to jail time.        ... [Read More]
A man has pleaded guilty to a murder in Wilmington.        ... [Read More]
A woman who ran an in-home day care service has been sentenced to jail time for child abuse.        ... [Read More]