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Early last week, Elon Musk took to Twitter and said that funding to take Tesla private at $420/share was secured. In the wake of Musk's... [Read More]
Just about two months ago, Tesla filed a lawsuit against a former employee named Martin Tripp. According to the complaint, and offhand remarks from Elon... [Read More]
A few years ago, there was seemingly a huge exodus of engineers who left Apple to work at Tesla. And though hopping between tech companies... [Read More]
When Tesla introduced the Model 3 a little more than two years ago, many folks were shocked to see that the car lacked a traditional... [Read More]
Tesla's vehicule lineup has expanded tremendously over the past few years. Three years ago, the only car you could purchase from Tesla was the Model... [Read More]
Netflix posted its earnings report for the June quarter today and revealed that it added 5.15 million subscribers for the quarter. That may seem impressive... [Read More]
The saga involving Tesla and a former employee named Martin Tripp shows no signs of slowing down. Just a few weeks ago, you may recall... [Read More]
Apparently, it's a bad week to be a Lamborghini owner. Just a few days after a Lamborghini Huracan wedged itself underneath a parked Honda Civic,... [Read More]
Nearly two years ago, security researchers unearthed what was, at the time, arguably the most advanced piece of mobile hacking software the world had ever... [Read More]
On March 23 of this year, a Model X driving down a California freeway crashed into a highway divider at high speed. Notably, the car's Autopilot feature... [Read More]
It's no secret that Apple's HomePod isn't exactly a runaway hit. Despite strong reviews praising the device's incredible sound quality, consumers in recent months have... [Read More]
Apple may have initially positioned the Apple Watch as something of a fashion accessory, but it's become apparent in the years since its release that... [Read More]
It's no secret that UPS is keenly interested in upgrading its fleet of trucks to more environmentally friendly models. As a quick example, UPS just... [Read More]
Despite all of the outrage directed at Facebook on account of the Cambridge Analytica saga, a new poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos reveals that the social... [Read More]
Jim Keller, Tesla's VP of Autopilot, has left the electric automaker to take up a new position at Intel, according to a report from Electrek.... [Read More]
Earlier today, CBS This Morning aired a new clip from its sit-down interview with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The clip below centers on Tesla's Autopilot... [Read More]
Apple has been slapped with a patent infringement lawsuit over the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor, according to a report from Axios. Filed by a... [Read More]
Stranger Things -- Netflix's nostalgia-fueled 80s sci-fi drama -- is arguably the streaming service's most iconic and popular program. And while Netflix doesn't typically disclose which... [Read More]
Late last week, a 1973 job application from Steve Jobs went up for auction at RR Auction. Expected to fetch as much as $50,000 by... [Read More]
I have a cute dog that's something of a beagle mix, and as tends to be the case with canines from the hound family, he's... [Read More]