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During her campaign for Senate, Kyrsten Sinema said she would not support Sen. Chuck Schumer for Senate minority leader. He got re-elected to the job.... [Read More]
Now cast as a standard-bearer for LGBTQ people, Sinema's sexual orientation was barely mentioned during her hard-fought campaign in Arizona.        ... [Read More]
Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will be the first woman in the state's 106-year-old history to take a seat on the floor of the U.S. Senate. [Read More]
Thousands of Maricopa County voters supported both Republican Doug Ducey for governor and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema for U.S. senator... [Read More]
Sen.-elect Kyrsten Sinema said voters rejected "name calling, petty, personal attacks, doing and saying whatever it takes just to get elected." [Read More]
How the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Kyrsten Sinema and Republican Martha McSally broke geographically.        ... [Read More]
Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema ran their U.S. Senate campaigns from vastly different playbooks.        ... [Read More]
Meghan McCain has largely stayed out of the public eye since her moving eulogy for her father John on Sept. 1 at the Washington National... [Read More]
Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has agreed to two debates in the U.S. Senate race,but Republican rival Martha McSally is still weighing her options.        ... [Read More]
On her return to Arizona, Cindy McCain stopped by Gov. Doug Ducey's office to thank him and staff for helping plan her husband's memorial service... [Read More]
Trump had tentatively planned a visit the first week of this month but the visit was scrapped following the death of U.S. Sen. John McCain... [Read More]
Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed essay invokes John McCain        ... [Read More]
Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed essay invokes John McCain... [Read More]
Jon Kyl was appointed by Gov. Doug Ducey to take Sen. John McCain's seat. He will be sworn into office Wednesday.        ... [Read More]
Here's what you need to know about Jon Kyl, the three-term Arizona Republic who is replacing the late John McCain in the U.S. Senate.      ... [Read More]
Sen. Jon Kyl previously served three terms in the Senate. Gov. Doug Ducey is returning him to the chamber to replace the late Sen. John... [Read More]
Answers to your questions about Jon Kyl's return to the Senate to replace Sen. John McCain, who died Aug. 25.        ... [Read More]
Jon Kyl has returned to Capitol Hill at the request of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, who appointed him to the seat vacated by Sen. John... [Read More]
Approval by the McCain family was critical for Gov. Doug Ducey, who himself has long considered Kyl a mentor and friend.        ... [Read More]
Former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl has agreed to serve in the U.S. Senate at least through the end of the year, a representative for Gov.... [Read More]