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If you were hoping to help children all while plummeting eight stories from the Hillyard building in Downtown St. Joseph, then you're in luck. One... [Read More]
Salt trucks were being hosed down and chains were being put on tires at the St. Joseph city yards on Wednesday afternoon in preparation for... [Read More]
The autumn season began recently and that is leaving a foul taste in the mouths of Missouri pilots. [Read More]
It's not often that an armored vehicle comes to the North Belt Highway for show and tell, but that's exactly what happened on Wednesday afternoon. [Read More]
The "Buffalo" came to a parking lot on North Belt Highway in St. Joseph on Wednesday to show people what a real military vehicle that... [Read More]
Voters turned out to the polls in Andrew County on Tuesday to decide a race that gridlocked during primary voting on Aug. 7. [Read More]
As expected when it was approved it in May, the St. Joseph School District's 2018-19 budget needs some adjusting. [Read More]
Due to new materials homes are being built with, the dangers of being a firefighter is psychically sticking with many here in the St. Joseph... [Read More]
Sept. 11, 2001, is a date that brings about vivid memories of the terrorist attacks in New York City to many around the country, but... [Read More]
When driving around St. Joseph, it doesn't take long before you pass an abandoned or rundown home that still has tenants, and that's something some... [Read More]
Rain has finally graced Northwest Missouri farmlands over the past two weeks, seemingly ending an extreme summer-long drought. With heavy amounts of rain here, farmers... [Read More]
Rain has finally graced Northwest Missouri farmlands, but now crops are facing other problems with the moisture and some are saying it's too little-too late. [Read More]
The Doniphan County Sheriff's Department sent an alert Wednesday warning of a mysterious white van linked to recent report of a possible abduction attempt. [Read More]
The Doniphan County Sheriff's Department sent an alert early Wednesday morning warning residents of a mysterious white van linked to recent report of a possible... [Read More]
Previously, a child of any age could be get married with parents' consent in the 'Show Me' state. That changed on Tuesday in Missouri. [Read More]
Reflecting on turning 15 may stir up memories of passing the driver permit test, or maybe attending a high school dance, and after Tuesday, wedding... [Read More]
Members from the group "Clean Missouri," took to the front steps Monday morning at City Hall in St. Joseph to announce their support for Missouri... [Read More]
Hundreds of incoming Missouri Western State University students stormed Carden Park Elementary on Friday morning to help the kids with their school work and to... [Read More]
Hundreds "Griffon Buddies" went to Carden Park Elementary in St. Joseph on Friday to help nearly 600 students with their school work. [Read More]
Medical marijuana is currently legal in 30 states, and Missouri could be number 31 with a trio of ballot initiatives proposed for November. [Read More]