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RELENTING to Brexit, Remoaner Nick Clegg has suggested the UK adopts Norway-style trading arrangements after Britain leaves the crumbling bloc. [Read More]
FLOUNDERING EU countries and Brussels officials have appealed to Australia for advice on how to reduce the number of migrants arriving in the Continent by boat, it has been claimed. [Read More]
A TEENAGE boy used a machete to circumcise his penis after being mocked by friends. [Read More]
A LONDON teenager carved his name into his victim's arm before raping her at knifepoint and leaving her for dead in Highgate Cemetery. [Read More]
A DEFECTOR from North Korea has sensationally claimed that local people are hooked on drugs as a result of living in "big criminal state" which he claims is fuelled by the drugs industry. [Read More]
A CHINESE restaurant in Italy has been accused of serving human body parts after a waiter posted a photo online, allegedly taken in the kitchen, showing a bowl of what appears to be... [Read More]
DONALD Trump is planning to keep the Obama administration's sanctions on Russia in tact "at least for a period of time". [Read More]
DEPRAVED vandals defaced a Christian centre by writing Islamic slogans over the walls, destroying glass planes and breaking down doors in a sick attack ahead of New Year's eve. [Read More]
JEREMY Corbyn floundered on his party's immigration policy earlier this week because of a phone call from Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, sources claim. [Read More]
A MAFIA boss known for his permanent erection has been sentenced to 21 years behind bars having spent years on the run. [Read More]
ASTRONOMERS believe there could be a ninth "rogue" planet that is capable of booting another celestial body out of the solar system. [Read More]
A PRIMARY school caretaker who took photos of pupils and superimposed them onto images in paedophile manuals has been sentenced to three years in prison. [Read More]
THE NHS is launching a new scheme to recruit GPs from Poland, Lithuania and Greece in a desperate bid to plug staff shortages. [Read More]
DONALD Trump is set to be the focus of BBC show Songs of Praise, which will focus on the President-elect's family connections to the Hebridean island of Lewis. [Read More]
A LEFT-WING vegan who has lived in Switzerland since childhood has had her request for a Swiss passport rejected after annoying locals with petitions against cow bells. [Read More]
THE family of brutal killer Dylann Roof have said they will "always love him" despite being sentenced to the death penalty for shooting nine black churchgoers during a Bible study class in Charleston,... [Read More]
MOROCCO is banning the production and sale of Muslim full-face veils amid fears over terrorism, according to local media. [Read More]
A 15-year-old girl has been charged with the murder of seven-year-old Katie Rough, who was found with her throat slit in a field near her York home on Monday. [Read More]
SICK images have emerged showing evil Islamic State jihadis throwing a man off the top of a building in Mosul as punishment for being gay. [Read More]
THE FAMILY of a deaf six-year-old boy who fled the Islamic State after hearing jihadis were executing disabled children using lethal injection have been told they will be deported from Britain. [Read More]