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Police say a large rock hit a vehicle's windshield on Interstate 205 near Tualatin, the tenth time since September that items have been reported being... [Read More]
Police say the man had been involved in a car crash, took off his clothes and jumped on a passing vehicle. ... [Read More]
The Auto Collections, a vintage-car dealer at The Linq Hotel on the Strip, is shutting its doors. [Read More]
A naked man walking on Route 28 in Fairfax County, Virginia, caused cars to crash Tuesday afternoon, police said. [Read More]
Cars drive up Traverse Ridge Road as smog fills Salt Lake Valley in Draper, Utah, U.S. December 12, 2017. Sometimes during the winter, temperature inversions... [Read More]
This year's Gallery event, which requires a $250 ticket for admission, moves to Cobo from the MGM Grand. [Read More]
The owner's simple dream had "evolved into a convoluted web of design and permitting issues." [Read More]
More than 5,000 residents got a drive-thru tour on the birth of Jesus, complete with 10 live scenes with real actors and animals at Mount... [Read More]
Adobe has rolled out AI and machine learning to analyze your photo and compare it to tens of thousands of professionally edited photos to make... [Read More]
If you regularly follow the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office on social media, their push for the "#9PMROUTINE" is not new. For the past six months, JSO... [Read More]
AutoGravity is a new app that's welcomed by auto dealerships nationwide that preapproves car buyers. Tens of thousands in Michigan use it. [Read More]
Onondaga Community College has reached an exciting agreement with the electric vehicle maker Tesla. [Read More]
Spokesperson Melissa Bujeda said she is an advocate for fines for people leaving guns in cars, but said it's up to lawmakers to decide. Until... [Read More]
WJHL-TV is the source for breaking local news, weather, and sports in the Tri-Cities. We ask the questions when you can't with our investigative and... [Read More]
Those who live nearby had to deal with partially submerged vehicles, flooded yards and flooded streets for much of the day. [Read More]
Items including rocks, apples, branches, logs and pumpkins have been thrown from an exit ramp onto cars near Interstate 5 and Interstate 205 in the... [Read More]
Vehicles get only a small boost in fuel efficiency and horsepower from higher-octane fuel, drivers group finds... [Read More]
Apples, rocks, branches, logs and pumpkins are among the objects that have been thrown at motorists from a walkway adjacent to I-205 in Tualatin in... [Read More]
Tinley Park police say a man stole a key fob and then new cars from Bettenhausen and International Imports over a three-month period. [Read More]
Emergency crews are working an auto pedestrian accident in North Charleston Tuesday afternoon. [Read More]