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Researchers blow the lid on MagBO, a marketplace for selling access to hacked sites... [Read More]
Toshiba reports the first quantum key distribution scheme to achieve speeds exceeding 10 Mbps over standard fiber-optic lines... [Read More]
"The Fancy Bear attacks may be the tip of a much larger iceberg," The Oregon Democrat added. [Read More]
Illicit cryptocurrency mining has been surging over the past year, in part due to a leaked software tool from the US National Security Agency, researchers... [Read More]
Setup headaches and operational flubs dampen our enthusiasm for this professionally monitored security system's minimal price tag. [Read More]
There is not enough time to switch to a more secure, paper-based alternative before the midterms. [Read More]
A man has been charged after authorities said he hacked into the Guthrie Police Department's confidential computer system. [Read More]
Citizen Lab found traces of the "lawful intercept" software in the U.S., Canada, and 43 other countries. [Read More]
Connecticut cybersecurity officials said Tuesday that utility companies have faced more frequent and sophisticated attempts to penetrate their networks over the past year, but suffered... [Read More]
The company's new pilot security program is designed for the candidates and any staff members associated with their political campaigns. Once the person enrolls, the... [Read More]
Rachael Wallach was 18 when an injury left her with limited mobility and in need a wheelchair. A recipient of a Snowden Trust grant, she... [Read More]
A federal judge ruled late Monday that Georgia can continue using electronic voting machines in Nove... [Read More]
If you can't answer these basic questions, your security could be at risk. [Read More]
We understand that there is vulnerabilities about the Facebook website which can make it possible for the hacking algorithms to generate a big quantity of... [Read More]
Facebook's new program is aimed at protecting political campaign staff when someone attempts to hack another member of their team. [Read More]
Judge declines to order Georgia to scrap electronic voting machines that critics said are vulnerable to hacking. [Read More]
The world is full of educational robots for STEAM education, but we haven't seen one as small or as cute as the Skoobot, an entry... [Read More]
Swiss prosecutors are investigating two Russians for a cyber attack against the World Anti-Doping Agency. The alleged spies had been expelled from the Netherlands over... [Read More]
"Password spraying" is when criminals use the same, somewhat "simple" password, against thousands of emails. This new threat coming at a time when cyber... [Read More]
It's been over a year since highly classified exploits built by the National Security Agency were stolen and published online. One of the tools, dubbed... [Read More]