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Jacie Scott danced at Neville High School and LSU before spending four years as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Now she is celebrating her first year... [Read More]
The UK government is becoming savvy to the way big tech firms avoid paying tax. [Read More]
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Instagram users can now ask to join their friends Live stories, the platform announced Tuesday. The new feature is part of other updates the... [Read More]
An Australian Catholic school came under fire for its "suggestive" statue of St. Martin de Porres feeding a young child a loaf of bread Tuesday... [Read More]
Friday marks one of the best days of the year to score a deal on any of those gadgets you've been to buy. Everything from clothes... [Read More]
The Treasury is cracking down on big tech firms like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple that shift UK profits offshore to minimise their tax bills.... [Read More]
The North Korean soldier who was shot while defecting to South Korea last week had a number of health problems before getting injured while crossing... [Read More]
Apple opened their new visitor center at their Apple Park last week, the company has been working on their spaceship campus over the last few... [Read More]
Smartphone maker Apple Inc (AAPL.O) and its biggest manufacturing partner on Wednesday said that a small number of students were discovered working overtime in its... [Read More]
To ramp up its augmented reality efforts (AR) efforts, Apple has acquired several smaller firms with expertise in the space. The most recent of them... [Read More]
Probably the most requested pie for the holidays or any time is apple pie. I know it is at our house.Any kind of apples can... [Read More]
With just a day before Thanksgiving many of us can't help but think of the family, friends and full plates Thursday's celebration will bring. While... [Read More]
With Thanksgiving just a day away, Fox will not be airing a new episode of "Empire" on Wednesday night. Viewers who tune into the series... [Read More]
Cranberry Apple Casserole 3 cups peeled, chopped apples 2 cups fresh cranberries (1-12 oz bag) 3 Tablespoons Flour 1 cup sugar 3 packets of Cinnamon... [Read More]
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A female nurse was charged with a number of offenses after posing as a male doctor so she could receive explicit photos from people. Adele... [Read More]
A mysterious substance called dark matter and its equally mysterious counterpart, dark energy, were hypothesized almost a century ago to explain a number of otherwise... [Read More]
Fuchsia is Google's in-development operating system -- and now it's getting support from Apple's Swift programming language. But we still have no clue what it's... [Read More]
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