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Among the 20 bills before the Oregon Legislature that deal with marijuana are a pair that should be given short shrift, at least for now.... [Read More]
This page no longer exists or has been removed... [Read More]
Five years ago, the Missouri Valley Conference chose the Quad-Cities as the site of its women's basketball tournament. [Read More]
A do-over might work on the playground, but the concept gets a little old in Missouri's election process. [Read More]
It's now been almost three weeks since the "blackface" scandal broke and Gov. Ralph Northam is still in office. How can this be? [Read More]
Yes, we've been wondering: When will real progress be made on the McIntire Botanical Garden? [Read More]
If the latest apparent hate-crime hoax of the the Trump era is what it looks like, it isn't merely a story of a desperate actor... [Read More]
At this critical juncture, there are important points for both the Pakistani and Indian leadership to consider. [Read More]
Give Rep. Don Beyer (D-8th) credit for at least a modicum of candor. [Read More]
ACCORDING TO Old Dominion University economists, the Hampton Roads economy crossed an important threshold in the last year when the number of jobs in the... [Read More]
As Ashe County Schools concludes — and the Ashe County Sheriff's Office nears its end of — the investigation into the graffiti threats at Ashe... [Read More]
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Countywide emergency dispatch systems have many advantages over each municipality handling its own emergency communication for police, fire and medical responders. Countywide systems are better... [Read More]
Remember when you were a kid and your mom or dad would tell you something important, but you would just shrug it off? Then remember... [Read More]
Last week, I ran across a list published on Feb. 7 in USA Today of what they labeled the 50 worst cities to live in... [Read More]
In an insightful commentary for RealClearPolitics, Charles Lipson, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Chicago, neatly characterized the "bleeding wounds of... [Read More]
Carrying the banner for rent control, government secrecy. [Read More]
Well, our area is getting a blast of winter weather. [Read More]
The national oil company's AA+ rating is a boost for Abu Dhabi and inspires confidence... [Read More]
Shamima Begum's case highlights the quandary facing governments around the world... [Read More]