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A property tax saga -- nothing illegal, so it's not a scandal -- is embarrassing a 2018 candidate for governor of Illinois. [Read More]
The latest sweep of the homeless in Fort Lauderdale's Stranahan Park is a short-term solution to a problem that needs long-term answers. [Read More]
SB 5 would loosen voter ID requirements, but will it make the courts happy? [Read More]
Float operators say 'the water's perfect.'... [Read More]
Federal flood insurance program must be extended. [Read More]
The "rural Iowa girl" and former Hy-Vee cashier re-introduces herself to Iowans as the state's first female governor.        ... [Read More]
One can't help but view the chlorination (again) of Napier's water as a bellwether measure. [Read More]
The following is an editorial from WBRC FOX6 News General Manager Collin Gaston, which first aired on Wednesday, May 24, 2017:... [Read More]
Slowing the flow of heroin and illicit opioids is a top priority for police throughout the North Shore, and just as drug dealers don't honor... [Read More]
Former Connecticut Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman apparently will not be nominated by President Trump as the next FBI director. Mr. Lieberman, who served four terms... [Read More]
Get with it, Governor The Connecticut legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee has unanimously approved legislation that would increase oversight of taxpayer-funded economic-development initiatives. State... [Read More]
When a four-alarm blaze engulfed a strip mall on the Northwest Side, Deem, 31, rushed into the inferno to rescue anyone trapped inside. He never... [Read More]
Shaw should win on his own merits, but there is also the matter of a disqualifying loan the incumbent made to his nonprofit. [Read More]
Middlesex County Assemblyman Craig Coughlin lining up support        ... [Read More]
Would 23-year-old Richard Collins III be alive today if he had been white and not black? That essentially is the question authorities must answer in... [Read More]
Can you imagine bringing a successful case against the government only to have pay these fees? [Read More]
Politicians love jobs. [Read More]
In 1982, George Kelling and James Wilson introduced a theory called "Broken Windows." The theory is one adopted by many that says if a window... [Read More]
The bouncing political balls in Trenton appear ready to land in an unusual place, upon the head of Democratic Assemblyman Craig Coughlin, who is busily... [Read More]
​Our opinion: Tech provision is often a lick and a promise. [Read More]