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After a robotics competition in Plainfield, elementary students were told to 'Go back to Mexico.' Instead, this diverse team is going to the Vex World... [Read More]
Meet the Mother of All State Mandates. [Read More]
It would have been easier for the Senate President to stay in Tallahassee last weekend. [Read More]
At least 15 buildings were hit with projectiles. [Read More]
Bill would mandate interlocks for all first-time DUI offenders. [Read More]
Cardinals' Wacha to make sixth spring start against Nationals. Peralta has won third-base job. [Read More]
We'll all be rooting for the Jackson Polar Bears when they take the court against Lakewood St. Edward tonight in Columbus, even if we're Tigers, Golden... [Read More]
Airline set to begin second daily flight between the two cities on June 5... [Read More]
Get to know South Carolina's breakout star who busted brackets and now demands respect. [Read More]
A key amendment would shift Medicaid expenses away from counties. Possibly right concept, but surely the wrong method, says a editorial. [Read More]
It's been four years since Rapid City was notified that the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center was riddled with Americans with Disabilities Act violations and more... [Read More]
President Donald Trump clings to his belief that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration despite the lack of evidence to the contrary. The editorial... [Read More]
Federal Judge Neil Gorsuch showed himself to be level-headed and substantive in handling the day and a half of grilling before the Senate Judiciary Committee. [Read More]
Whatever happens on health care, the party is headed for a showdown with itself.... [Read More]
No matter who becomes Hong Kong's new leader, one faction will come out on top — and it won't be Beijing's proxies.... [Read More]
The editorial, which was highly critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claimed that he has been playing a "cagey game by appeasing his party's hardline... [Read More]
Western New York state senator becomes 40th member of the Legislature to face corruption charges. So what else is new? [Read More]
The nominee refused to be drawn into partisanship. [Read More]
Police chiefs call for turnstiles, proposal expected that would put security staff on every train car, every platform... [Read More]
"Did you get it in writing?" Those words chill anyone with a legal dispute. Because they know that, if there is no written contract, the... [Read More]