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Virginians still reeling from their electric bills after running their air conditioners at full speed through another hot summer might be relieved that the cooler... [Read More]
Any support for Coalition's national energy guarantee needs to defend '50% renewable energy target by 2030'... [Read More]
UK company gets almost 700,000 customers effectively for free... [Read More]
Only two years young, the Dominion Energy Charity Classic has captured hearts around the greater Richmond area and i…... [Read More]
Hackers have been targeting the nuclear, energy, aviation, water and critical manufacturing industries since May, according to Reuters. It's even serious enough... [Read More]
The seventh annual 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium will celebrate conversation about energy and energy conservation.  The symposium, hosted by the Energy Institute and the... [Read More]
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Mentor's Ice Arena on Oct. 21 and 22 hosted a hockey tournament like no other. [Read More]
A Maine university is receiving more than $1.3 million in federal money to develop methods for the U.S. to become a leader at utilizing seaweed... [Read More]
The University of New England is getting over a million dollars to study turning seaweed into energy. [Read More]
Energy Minister says carbon offsets could help meet climate goals, but environmental groups slam the idea... [Read More]
Keynote Speaker: Stefano Stramigioli Conference: IROS 2014 Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Date: 16 September 2014 Title: Highly Dynamic, Energy-Aware, Biomimetic Robots... [Read More]
The energy boom has boosted U.S. global power, but it will mean far less if it undermines the U.S. role in a greener future... [Read More]
Oil patch producers could keep a lid on spending in 2018 owing to pipeline bottlenecks that have backed up supply and led to a discounted... [Read More]
The CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) in Dehradun is organising the Newton Bhabha Fund Researcher Link Workshop on energy for economic development and welfare from... [Read More]
Galway Wind Park has the capacity to generate 169 mega watts (MW) of electricity... [Read More]
Three Boulder County cities facing major oil and gas development have seen zero dollars from energy companies and big donors flowing into upcoming city... [Read More]
The Senate's budget vote on Thursday was the opening salvo in what's likely to be a bitter fight over drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife... [Read More]
The University of New England says the program aims to develop tools to enable the U.S. to become a leading producer of seaweed to help... [Read More]
An array of industry and consumer interests, including some who are often at odds on policy, oppose an Energy Department proposal to overhaul electrical-grid pricing... [Read More]